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The Importance of Command Centers in Logistics

Constant Technologies

Supply lines and delivery times were severely impacted this year during the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing shutdowns. This had a ripple effect of complications, as logistical operations are the backbone of many companies.

These businesses require command and control centers to adapt and change as their logistics operations’ needs grow more complex.

Tom Sheeran, Senior Vice President of Constant Technologies, joined us on this episode of Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished and spoke about the increased demand in logistics and how command centers help organizations handle the situation.

“Logistics demand has skyrocketed over the last few years for services such as Amazon, FedEx, UPS and other online services, especially during a pandemic,” Sheeran said. “A lot of people are putting even more and more stress on those types of logistics services, not only for personal use but also for corporate use.”

These services and functions have to run uninterrupted. That’s where operation centers come into play. These centers can manage and monitor everything from security and network operations to customer service. Another vital monitoring area is fleet operations which oversees the management and crew of vehicles such as cars, trucks, aircraft, ships, and rail cars. Through the use of a Fleet Operations Center, logistical managers can collect and interpret data that will benefit the organization’s fluidity.

“If these critical services aren’t running, it can take down a portion of the logistics industry and result in business risk and slowdown,” Sheeran said.

With the increase in demand for logistics, especially during the pandemic, come increasing challenges.

“We’ve seen a lot of challenges moving materials from point A to point B while providing predictable and reliable information to assess those risks,” Sheeran said. “The monitoring and command centers help to alleviate a lot of these challenges and risks.”

When it comes to our own logistics, Constant carefully plans so that even international installations go seamlessly. We’ve deployed operations centers in locations around the world, but we have a practiced process with logistics oversight to ensure that each project is a success.

As logistics demand grows, the demand for mission critical command centers to give proper oversight is going to increase as well. “Constant’s work in this field will continue to grow and evolve right with them,” said Sheeran.

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