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Solutions for Process Control Rooms

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A process control room is responsible for monitoring multiple information streams relating to industrial and technical processes. With a host of data sources, applications, and responsibilities to manage, control rooms are complex environments where mission-critical decisions are made on a daily basis.

Public works such as power, wastewater management, public transportation, and electricity power/generation depend on smooth control room operations. Process control rooms are essential to daily operations for these industries and enable efficient, effective decision-making. For such a vital room, the solutions you choose are just as important.

Control room visualization solutions

Operators within control rooms need to have a real-time overview of various processes and equipment status. The data display solutions in process control are key to situational awareness and should be chosen carefully. Visualization tools in process control centers must be reliable for 24/7 use with high image quality to aid operator efficiency.

At Constant, we offer mission critical systems integration with customizable video wall solutions including LED and LCD technologies. Our processing, routing, and control systems enable the seamless spanning of your applications over a large display wall with no loss of image quality.

Video walls for process control rooms also need to run continuously, meaning that the reliability of display technology is non-negotiable. These spaces require video walls designed for round-the-clock use, integration that includes redundancies, and a design that allows for quick and easy servicing. Constant also offers long-term service plans to ensure your technology is always in peak operating condition.

Furniture for process control rooms

When it comes to designing a control room for optimal performance, don’t overlook the importance of the console furniture you choose. Consoles in your control center should be specifically designed for 24/7 performance, with design consideration given to needs such as equipment storage and cable management.

Consoles also play a significant role in operator comfort and performance. With long shifts and demanding work, ergonomic solutions provide great benefits to your operators. One popular ergonomic solution for command and control is sit-stand consoles. Giving operators the freedom to switch between sitting and standing positions while working results in less stress and fatigue while promoting increased energy. Constant’s control room furniture is flexible and scalable, specifically designed for performance and durability as well as operator comfort. Whether you choose one of our console lines or a custom console tailored to your exact operational requirements, we will provide you with a top-of-the-line product that functions exactly as you need without sacrificing aesthetics.

Creating your process control room with Constant

Whether you need a video wall solution, console furniture, or both, Constant Technologies is the right choice for your mission critical space. We have over three decades of experience providing 24/7 operations center solutions all over the world for the public and private sectors. Every choice you make for your process control room is important – including the partners you work with. If you would like to learn more about Constant’s solutions, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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