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Smart Operations Centers for the Energy Industry

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Smart operations centers are emerging as part of the new more digital future of the energy industry. A 24/7 collaboration space allows operators to monitor and analyze electric generation assets on a national scale.

A smart operations center taps into the power of data gathered from digital platforms, allowing organizations to monitor, remotely operate and improve the management of power generation operations such as solar, wind, hydro, thermal, and energy storage facilities from a single, central location. This new digital approach to energy management promises a more sustainable, green future for the communities and businesses served by organizations with smart operations centers.

Experts propose that adopting digital technology in the energy space will help transition to a cleaner and more efficient energy future. A smart operations center is a big step forward toward this vision of a more efficient future for energy.

Operators within smart operations centers will be able to turn generation assets on and off remotely as needed, cutting down on response time. Digital electric meters or “smart meters” installed by energy companies will turn the electric grid digital, allowing for better communication between companies and their customers. These smart meters not only will perform automatic readings, but also will give the company insights into power interruptions for more precise and timely responses from within the operations center.

Smart operations centers for the energy industry will give companies the ability to start and shut down their various assets across the U.S. or the globe from a single location. The technology grants the ability to troubleshoot equipment as soon as issues occur and to give insight into the entire landscape of a company’s assets.

Centralized monitoring is also useful in organizations that oversee multiple power plants, allowing them to increase the productivity and efficiency of their power plants while also cutting unplanned downtime, minimizing risks, and lowering maintenance costs.

Smart operations centers are an efficient way for utilities and process control organizations to monitor their operations and make informed decisions in real-time. Combining data from multiple sources onto a single video wall in a space purpose-built for innovation and collaboration allows operators to make informed decisions as quickly as possible.

If you would like to learn more about creating a smart operations center for your organization, contact Constant today. We provide video wall integration and console furniture for 24/7 use, with project management from concept through completion. Our design and budget consultation is free of charge, so you can start planning today.

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