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Site Evaluations for Project Success

Constant Technologies

A project manager helps bridge the gap between purchase and deployment. Part of that process is becoming intimately familiar with the space so that the vision you dream up during the design process becomes reality. The way our project managers become familiar with the particulars of your site is through site evaluations.

“Site evaluations are a way to verify room-ready and system-ready contingencies,” said Zachary Hanners, senior project manager at Constant.

What does that mean on a practical level? Let’s break it down.

Site evaluations can offer the following value-adds:

  • Verify all dimensions
  • Face-to-face interaction with the end users and the project team
  • Verifying all cabling is run correctly ahead of the a/v team arriving with equipment to do terminations
  • Confirm client network needs
  • Reviewing all OFE equipment
  • Understanding the unloading plan, loading dock location, elevator/doorway dimensions
  • Schedule training
  • All this saves time during the installation and ensures we stay on schedule

Typically, a project manager will perform on-site evaluations two to three times over the course of a project, although the exact number will vary. The first is directly after the project has been awarded, the second happens after the cables have been run for a cable audit and the final happens the week prior to the installation to confirm room-ready conditions. The following phases indicate when we might conduct site verifications during the project process:

Project Kickoff

The first site evaluation occurs at the very beginning of the project to get into all of the details before work begins. It’s an opportunity for our project team to get in charge with your IT team, contractors, and any other parties involved. At the first site evaluation, the project manager can get a more in-depth understanding of what needs to happen at the site: how much client network is used in our equipment? Where will the AV racks live? How might that environment need to be changed? Is there a need for more floor penetrations or wall blocking?

Construction Progression 

“The second evaluation happens after physical work on the space has begun, but before everything’s been buttoned up,” said Hanners. This is the stage to double-check that elements like electricity and AV are in the right location before the drywall and paint go up. During this site visit, the PM will also mark out or verify floor penetrations. The second visit is also a great time for the project manager to have in-depth discussions with the tradespeople working on our site to have a unified understanding of the project, what issues may occur, and what items still need to be sorted out.

Installation Readiness

The third and final site evaluation occurs one to two weeks prior to the installation to check all the room-ready contingencies. All the walls should be closed up including final paint, the carpet should be installed,  floor penetrations should be complete, and permanent power should be live. This is a time for the project manager to go over details like delivery and badging access to make sure the room is ready for installation and the schedule is set.

Constant’s site evaluation process is one of our main differentiators. While competitors might just ask for some photos and virtual meetings, Constant goes above and beyond to familiarize ourselves with your site. “It’s a complex install,” said Hanners, “and there’s a lot of work that needs to happen. Our project managers are the experts, so we can get in contact with your contractors and do the heavy lifting for you.”

To learn more about our mission critical installs and the project management process, contact us today. Our design and budget consultation is free.

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