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End of Summer Brings Renewed Project Focus: Planning Your Ops Center

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September has arrived, ushering in the end of summer. For many, that means it’s time for renewed focus and planning. If you’re looking to begin a new operations center project, there are important steps to take and considerations to make before beginning the construction process.

Project planning considerations

As you begin to plan out your project, it’s important to take into account a variety of factors to guarantee that your project goes smoothly.

Spatial planning

One of the first steps is to consider the size of the room and what you plan to do with it. How many operators will need to work in the space, and what role will they play? This can determine decisions like the layout as well as the console furniture. Are there engineers who need a more private desking solution? How many analysts will need clear views of the video wall and opportunities for collaboration? Will managers be placed within the room, or will they need adjacent offices? The video wall also plays a role in the spatial planning process. How large does it need to be, and where in the room will it be located? The location of the video wall in  relation to operators in the room is a key component of spatial planning. 


The equipment your space requires plays an important role in determining the design.

It’s important to consider what each operator position will need to accommodate. For example, the number of monitors needed at each station affects the footprint needed for the accompanying console furniture. Additionally, the equipment that will be stored at each workstation will also determine the right furniture solution. Consoles selected for installation should be designed for proper fit and ventilation of the planned equipment.

Video wall functionality

What you plan to do with your video wall dictates how it should be designed and integrated. Your content choices, from videos to dashboards to text, all contribute to decisions about the ideal size and viewing distance of the video wall installation as well as requirements for the resolution and pixel pitch of the displays. The sources you will need to display will also affect the integration and overall AV design right down to the control system. Knowing what function you need the video wall to perform before construction will help ensure the finished product meets all your goals. 

Ergonomic decisions

A carefully-designed operations center also takes ergonomics into account. In these spaces, operators can work long shifts and need to be comfortable. As part of the design phase of your operations center project, Constant analyzes the video wall viewing angles to minimize eye and neck strain. As with spatial planning, knowing how many people will need to view the video wall will make a significant difference in this analysis.

Ergonomic furniture is also an important consideration when planning out your space. Sit-stand consoles enable operators to quickly and easily adjust between seated and standing configurations while maintaining sight lines to monitors and access to devices. Constant’s sit-stand workstation solutions adapt to your operations. Monitors raise and lower along with the work surface of our sit/stand consoles. In addition, a built-in cable management system conceals cables, protects hardware, and provides a seamless appearance.

Collaboration needs

Collaboration space can be important for the staff of the control room. It may make sense to have a conference room adjacent to the main operations center or strategically placed huddle areas within the ops center. It’s important to take into account all the functionalities needed for your space before construction begins.

Use cases

When you begin to plan your operations center, it is crucial to look toward the future. Many operations centers become a fixture for site tours. As a point of pride for your organization and its stakeholders, a command center can serve as a powerful demonstration of your preparedness.

Despite this, the main function of your operations center is still top priority. It can be disruptive to operators in the space to have tours run through the room. If you plan to include your mission critical space in future tours, planning for a viewing area outside the main room or an adjacent conference room with glass walls can be a great solution. Taking all potential use cases into consideration pre-construction allows you to prepare for these types of situations and make sure to thoughtfully incorporate solutions into your design.

Selecting the right partners

The right partner for mission critical can make all the difference in your project’s success. Your AV integrator should work alongside you every step of the way and have a proven track record of successful projects in your field. Getting partners involved before construction or installation even begins is key to your project going off without a hitch. By having thorough conversations at the outset about your wants and needs, we can determine an informed route forward for sourcing, cabling, and everything else for the integration of your video wall system.

Setting your projects up for success

By taking the time to fully consider all factors before moving forward, you guarantee that the end result is an operations center perfectly tailored to your requirements. Taking care of these decisions at the outset will save you time and money in the long run.

An operations center is a complex environment, and multiple moving parts need to be considered. But Constant can guide you through the process of planning a mission critical operations center. From design to installation and service, we are with you every step of the way.

Are you ready to start planning your project with Constant? To get a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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