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Real Time Information and Operations Centers for Disaster Management

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While some natural disasters like hurricanes or droughts offer some warning time, there are others like wildfires or earthquakes with little to no advance warning. How can a community make sure to adequately prepare and respond to these critical events? A key element is a consistent flow of real-time information.

Real time information and natural disaster response

As natural disaster events unfold, real-time alerts based on eyewitness information, gathered from multiple source formats, give greater clarity to the emerging situation. Diverse public data sources including weather sensor data and IoT formats can establish a 360 view of the situation. This clearer picture allows operators to help better protect their communities.

The rapid response time enabled by real-time information gathering helps leaders not only let the public know what has happened or is underway, but also what they can do about it. Having a full view of the situation means leaders can tell their communities what actions can be taken to protect themselves, their families, and their property.

Using software for real-time data monitoring can also help your organization determine when a threat is real versus a false alarm. The earliest indication of an event could be the result of a fabricated report, but the power of real-time information and thousands of data sources coming together all at once is that software very quickly establishes self-validation and correlation between different data points. This ensures that the data you act upon is as accurate as possible.

Operations centers assist with real time monitoring for natural disaster management

24/7 operations centers help to combine data  into a single hub to optimize situational awareness. Large video walls display real-time data from every relevant source so it is visible to all operators. The audiovisual technology can also be set up to share data with other relevant locations, such as an adjacent situation room.

In addition to the video wall technology that can display a wide variety of sources, operational efficiency in a natural disaster hinges on managing the flow and control of data. Video wall processors and control systems can assist with this. During the process of creating your operations center, a project manager from Constant can work with you to determine the exact functionalities necessary for your operations center to integrate an intuitive system.

An operations center from Constant Technologies features video wall system integration and ergonomic console furniture tailor-made for 24/7 use. Constant solutions are designed and purpose-built for round-the-clock use. Our experienced team will walk you through the project from start to finish.

If you are looking to update or create an operations center to aid in disaster preparedness and management, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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