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Engineered Documents Make Flawless Installations with Danny Sasseville

Constant Technologies

On any project, efficiency is key. Proper planning ensures the job is done properly and on time. Having a detailed plan and engineered drawings that go above and beyond helps prevent a myriad of problems that could otherwise become a tremendous expense.

On this episode of the podcast Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished, Daniel Litwin, “the Voice of B2B” at MarketScale, speaks with Danny Sasseville, CTS-D AIA, vice president of project engineering at Constant Technologies. Together, they cover the importance of detailed AV system design documents for a unique operations center design that works seamlessly from day 1.

To begin, Sasseville mentions the importance of pre-sales communication with the clients and collaboration with their architects and designers. Asking lots of questions at the outset helps Constant determine what the client wants and needs, and ensures the best route forward in sourcing, cabling, and planning the equipment and its integration.

The next key to success is detailed drawings. Sasseville explains how, during his time in the AV industry, he noticed there wasn’t a standard for the quality of design documents. At Constant Technologies he single-handedly introduced the architectural and AV system design and engineering department. Now, design engineers create exact, detailed specifications so the installers on site have a roadmap they can follow each step of the way to ensure that everything is put in exactly the right place. These details are required, for example, because they must know whether the cables can support the resolution they need or can support the distance limitations. Planning down to every last detail prevents unexpected problems and unnecessary expenses.

Engineered documents don’t just make the process easier; they save time and money to ensure projects are completed on time and on budget. Constant believes that implementing and testing the client’s hardware should never wait till installation day; we plan every last detail to make sure the integration works smoothly. Proactivity is what’s helping elevate companies like Constant Technologies to a more efficient future in AV.

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