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Practical Applications for a Video Wall Installation

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While the “wow-factor” of a showpiece video wall is undeniable, at the end of the day a video wall installation is capable of far more than just sleek aesthetics. The operation center video wall is a multi-functional tool featuring complex audiovisual integration which can aid a mission critical endeavor in its operations through real-time data sharing.

The main utility of a video wall in any space is to provide operators with situational awareness through a shared visual of operations where they can display multiple sources simultaneously. This facilitates more integrated decision-making.

The following are examples of practical ways to use a video wall across multiple industries:

Cyber Security

The internet and electronic databases continue to become more essential to business and personal life, thus increasing the need to protect our electronic assets and information. Data breaches and record loss rise daily. Timely response to cyber incidents requires situational awareness about an organization’s vulnerabilities, the threats specific to the type of data stored, and real-time detection of threats and breaches. A cybersecurity video wall can display real-time data and cyber trends to promote shared, informed decisions.

Security / Surveillance

A security operations center video wall has the potential for multiple applications to prevent physical attacks and criminal behavior. Security professionals can monitor real-time source feeds such as CCTV or security cameras, alert systems, and applications. The security operations center video wall provides a large, clear source for operators to share monitoring responsibility, increasing efficiency and reducing the chances of a threat slipping through the cracks.

Law Enforcement

Real Time Crime Centers continue to gain traction as decision-makers realize the possibilities for information they can display in real-time on a dispatch video wall. A 24/7 video wall can display footage from local street cameras while also allowing analysts to monitor local news and police headquarter security cameras at the same time. Other potential real time crime center video wall applications could include computer aided dispatch systems, safety alert systems, and anonymous tip platforms.


Video walls have numerous uses in Transportation Management Centers, Fleet Operations Centers, or similar command and control environments that monitor traffic or transportation services. In a Transportation Management Center (TMC), operators from transportation and public works professions can use insight from real-time traffic data displayed on the video wall installation to promote smooth operation of roadways in an efficient, systematic manner. Operators in a TMC can also dispatch emergency vehicles and tow trucks as well as update traffic flow websites and roadside message boards to alert oncoming vehicles to any problem areas and provide information about alternate routes.

Emergency Operations Center

In emergency situations, time-sensitive data must be ready to be displayed and shared, often with multiple agencies present for collaboration. The data displayed must be reliable as well as uniform, especially if the operation extends over multiple days and shifts. Geospatial applications would prove particularly useful in emergency operations centers tracking natural disasters or an unfolding event. An emergency dispatch video wall in a 911 call center could make use of an application that displays important information about callers, including property information such as best point of entry.

Network Operations Center

In a Network Operations Center, a team works to maintain 24/7 network availability. For uninterrupted service to clients, operators in a NOC environment need high-quality network operations center video wall technology that allows for high-resolution, clear graphics that can be easily managed. Activity levels as well as information from a multitude of sources should be monitored continuously to ensure uninterrupted network service. Network operations centers have applications across a number of industries including corporations, government agencies, universities, telecommunications and cloud services.

Utilities and Process Industries

The control room for utilities and process organizations is a central space where an operation’s facilities can be monitored and controlled, often from a remote location. Any disruptions to service can be incredibly costly, so these mission critical control room require consistent, real-time monitoring to minimize downtime. Control room video walls can display vital information such as process overviews, details of pipes, valves, and grids, and live video of critical information such as CCTV cameras and weather events that could disrupt service. One clear, real-time overview promotes efficiency and continuous service.


A social media center enables an organization to share insights on brand health with other departments and swiftly react to any public relations crises. The command center video wall system can be utilized to display social information relevant to an organization’s brand such as geographic location of brand mentions, real-time responses to marketing campaigns, and information about industry trends.

In a mission critical space, no matter the industry, collaboration is key. A display wall system improves collaboration toward informed decision-making and also promotes situational awareness and operational efficiency. A mission critical video wall is a valuable component of any command and control space regardless of industry. Our design team helps our clients in the implementation of video wall projects of any scope. Contact us today for a free design consultation.

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February 23, 2018