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Podcast: Gip Sisson Discusses Healthcare Command Centers

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2020 has been quite a year for the healthcare industry. In addition to the challenges of treating patients affected by COVID-19, there was also a sharp decline in elective procedures and treatments, resulting in historic financial pressures.

Senior Project Manager Gip Sisson joined us on this episode of Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished to talk about the challenges currently facing healthcare and how command centers have been proven to help.

Hospitals that already had built-in command centers had an advantage, said Gip Sisson, Senior Project Manager for Constant Technologies. With data already at administrators’ fingertips, they were able to plot the best course of action and quickly react as things changed.

“The front of these work groups allows the staff to see the entire overview of the hospital in real time. The central location allows for better communication, faster decision-making and, using predictive-type software and the information getting fed into the hospital system, they can see the hospital data and project it out one day, one week or one month in advance,” he said.

“This is something that improves the hospital efficiency. The key is to spot the potential bottlenecks before they happen. Providing them the tools to do that is something that Constant has taken some pride in and enjoyed working on.”

He emphasized that hospitals always operate on a low margin, and because of that efficiency is key. The centralized command centers Constant Technologies provides can create streamlined communication and decision making, as well as a smoother patient experience.

command center with large video wall and sit stand consolesHow Constant assists

At Constant, the goal is to build a command center that exactly fit our clients functional requirements.  Our project managers talk with your team to fully understand the workflow and goals for the space. From there, we provide the spatial designs, customized video wall systems, and console furniture solutions. Our involvement in these projects spans from concept all the way through completion, including onsite programming,installation and service/support. We truly partner with our client on these projects to ensure that we meet all needs and exceed expectations.

The future of healthcare command centers

Command centers within hospitals are a relatively new concept. Many hospitals still operate with relatively archaic methods of tracking data. There’s so much data that can be monitored electronically that it lends itself well to display in a centralized hub with a video wall system.

With command centers proving a beneficial investment for so many hospitals as they cope with the pandemic, Sisson said more around the world might follow suit.

Any time you can prove that a command center results in efficient care and a stronger bottom line, “a hospital is going to take a strong look at that. So, in that sense, I think these command centers are going to continue to catch on,” Sisson said.

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