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Planning Your Social Media Command Center

Social Media Command Center with video wall and consoles
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Social media is growing …fast.

There are over 2 billion active social media users worldwide, and the number is only expected to grow. As social media continues to grow as a primary form of communication, it is an increasingly important channel of brand communication between companies and their customers. It is wise to embrace that change and learn to adapt to the new ways that customers are making their voices heard.

Social media is becoming increasingly important to the success of a company, not just because of the spread of marketing across social media platforms, but also because of the valuable insight that social media monitoring can give. A social media listening center is the collaborative center of your organization’s outward-facing departments: not just digital marketing, but also public relations and customer service.

If social media is a big focus of your company’s marketing efforts or if many of your customers are on social media, you may want to consider a digital monitoring center, a space dedicated to monitoring and responding to social conversation about your organization and industry. Whether large or small, a showcase room or a private space, Constant Technologies can help you plan and build your social media command center.

A social media brand awareness center is an opportunity to create an eye-catching room with a showcase video wall that is as much an art piece as it is a functional space. The space itself can serve your marketing goals by creating an aesthetic hub central to your company.

However, a social media command center can be more than just a pretty space – it serves as an integral conversational hub between the various departments of your organization and your customers. An actionable brand communication center is an ear to the ground – it’s a direct line to customer feedback and industry trends. Your social media listening center is a communication hub, where listening informs strategy and development.

An effective social media center does not only identify, display, and analyze the conversation surrounding your organization, it also enables your social media team to efficiently share insights on the health of your brand with the rest of the company. By implementing a social media command center in your workspace, you promote internal collaboration. Your company’s center may coordinate with departments such as customer service, public relations, and marketing, among others. A social media center will help you to collaborate more easily with these departments, as well as enable a quick response to customers. For example, a sharp increase in negative brand mentions could be shared with the public relations department, enabling a swift, collaborative response.

If the possibility of monitoring and sharing social media metrics faster and in real time in a designated space sounds like a good fit for your organization, contact Constant Technologies today to plan the creation of your own social media command center. From stylish command center furniture to your data display wall, we can walk you through the process from concept through completion.

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August 23, 2017