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Planning Your 2019 Operations Center Project

Constant Technologies

As we usher in the beginning of 2019, it is prime time to start fresh and plan for the months ahead.

If you have been considering a revitalization of your operations center or the construction of a new one, this is a great time of year to lay out your plans.

Complex spaces such as mission critical installations require thorough, long-term planning. For something both as detailed and as vital as  your operations center project, it is wise to involve strategic partners as early in the process as possible.

At Constant, the complex nature of mission critical AV integration and technical furniture means that the earlier we get involved with a project, the better. We work closely with your facilities department, architects and general contractors to ensure every element of your installation goes smoothly and is in keeping with the overall plan for your space.

There are many factors that must be considered and like any construction project, there are numerous components that must come together smoothly. Success comes from having a greater understanding of what you hope for the space to accomplish. If you are building a new command center, there are many variables that can make or break a successful implementation. At Constant, we can help to analyze and refine your requirements pre-construction to ensure that all the right elements come together to create your best possible mission critical space.

If you are in the beginning stages of planning your operations center project, here are some steps to consider as you map out the rest of the year:

1. Develop a Detailed Requirement List

At the very beginning of the design process it is important to determine the various ways you plan to use your space. Like with any project, success comes from having an understanding of what you want to accomplish. Planning ahead will ensure that your future needs are anticipated and planned for. Some important things to consider are:

  • How many operators need to be in the operations center on day 1?
  • What should be factored in for future growth?
  • What type of equipment and monitors will each operator need at their individual workstations?
  • Will the room be used for tours? Should there be a viewing area or can tours enter the operations center without disrupting operations?
  • What kind of collaborative spaces will you need? Huddle spaces, conference rooms, and pod console furniture can all be incorporated into your space design.
  • Will your operators require sit-stand furniture?
  • Do receptacles for power/voice/data need to be integrated into your conference room furniture?
  • Will there be a raised floor, or will core drills/troughs be required?
  • What factors are driving the space: functional performance, cost, wow factor?
  • Where will racks be placed?
  • Are there any other peripheral furnishings such as credenzas and podiums needed to support the AV equipment?

2. Audio Visual System Requirements

Operators in mission critical spaces must be able to easily monitor and interpret mulitple sources of information. The decisions they make based on these sources can impact an entire organization. During the process of starting a new operations center, Constant analyzes your display wall applications and operational requirements along with available space for a display wall and operator viewing angles so we can select the appropriate display technology for your command center.

A thorough analysis of your command center video wall requirements and sources may be the most important aspect of planning your video wall system for optimal use in the future. At Constant, our pre-design analysis includes details such as:

  • What display options will work best for your 24/7 video wall? LED, LCD, 4K, etc.
  • Are multiple images on a single screen beneficial?
  • Which images should be seen on which screens?
  • Are there other locations that would benefit from being able to view the inputs/sources?
  • Is audio conferencing a requirement in the space?
  • Will the video wall control be centralized?
  • What sources will you need on your operations center video wall to keep your operators fully informed?
    • Common sources range from local workstations, rack mounted pcs, laptops, television feeds, audio/video conferencing and more.

When all sources and requirements have been determined, Constant can implement a solution for your video wall to accommodate current sources as well as future growth.

3. Take Advantage of Design Consultation

At Constant we can begin the process of bringing your project to life with just a floor plan and some general requirements for you planned mission critical space.

Once our design engineers receive the information for your space, they provide a series of sketches that will allow you to visualize multiple possibilities for your installation. This collaborative process continues until we produce your optimal design, after which we create full-color renderings which will include every feature of the room in a near photo-perfect representation of your new command center. Constant’s renderings are the perfect tool to assist in planning and procuring budget approvals to move on to the next stage of production.

Proper Planning Ensures Success

When you consider all these factors before an operations center build, the end result will be in line with the goals of your mission critical space. Proper planning and foresight save time and money in the long run and help to ensure that an operations center will be able to handle its main objective.

At Constant Technologies we take pride in the support we give before, during and after your command center project. In addition to planning we offer installation by skilled technicians, project management, freight logistics and long-term support options.

Contact us to begin your 2019 project today.

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