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What NOC Managers Need to Know: The Next Generation NOC

Mar 22, 2019
Constant Technologies

The modern NOC strives to be more than just “standard.” Increasingly, network operations centers experience pressure to perform more efficiently and monitor more processes.

Goals for Highly Successful NOCs

A recent survey of network operations professionals found that to create what is truly a “next-generation” NOC, NOC managers should create a process that integrates the operations of each component of IT. This integrated NOC would include the following:


A high-performing NOC acts not only on a reactive basis, but also proactive. Dated NOC methodology only identifies a problem after it impacts end users, but a next-generation network operations center tries to uncover problems before they occur.

Intelligent tools for efficient and comprehensive processes

Gone are the days where operators sat at screens waiting for green lights to turn yellow or red. In order to enable their proactivity, the modern NOC has sophisticated tools with automated monitoring. Real-time data and predictive analysis displayed on a shared video wall allows for more comprehensive monitoring and management.

Skilled and cross-trained staff

The NOC of today requires increasingly skilled engineers who are expected to perform a variety of functions. As the responsibility of NOCs increases, so do the skill expectations for the operators in a NOC environment. Cross-training staff ensures that important work isn’t siloed and separated by “network” and “server” groups.

Focus on network performance, not just availability

The classic duties of a NOC involve monitoring network availability. However, with growing emphasis on technical applications and shifting priorities of organizations, network performance is quickly becoming an equal priority. A next-generation NOC will consider network performance as vital as availability.

Increased security integration

While there is not currently much overt overlap between network operations and security, NOC professionals in a recent survey revealed that there will be growing emphasis on security within their NOCs in the future. Especially with an increased focus on cybersecurity, the worlds of security and network management have a growing overlap.

Next-Level Operations Need Next-Level Design

In order to enable these processes for your next-level NOC, you need to build for success. Everything from the video wall, processor, and control down to the furniture must be designed for optimal performance. Outdated NOC design will not enable future-focused performance. Just as you cannot build without a strong foundation, you cannot implement a highly effective NOC without the right AV infrastructure.

Building the NOC of Tomorrow with Constant

To create a next-generation NOC, you need to work with practiced professionals. Our 30+ years of highly specialized experience building for the industry prove we know the audiovisual and furniture requirements for NOCs like no one else.

A key component of this vital command center infrastructure is the audiovisual setup. The command center video wall is a focal point of the NOC, displaying important data to all engineers within the space. While not every NOC runs 24/7/365, most do. Therefore, the video wall technology you select for your NOC must be able to withstand constant or near-constant usage.

In addition, the video wall technology for a network operations center should remain up to date. The lifespan of technology in a mission critical space is, ideally, 5-7 years. A modern NOC requires modern technology that performs at peak. Display technology has come a long way since the inception of network operations centers, with greater clarity and brightness than ever before. Modern video walls ensure that all the operators in your space can view important data clearly.

As mission critical AV integrators, Constant takes a “vendor agnostic” approach. This means we pick and choose from among the best products on the market to deliver a completely tailored solution for your NOC. We won’t rest until we find the perfect fit for your space and operational needs. To see the kind of next generation NOC we can create for your space, take a look at our gallery.

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