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NeoCon 2019: Commercial Design Trends

If you’re in the furniture or design business, you know about NeoCon. It is the ultimate annual event for the industry, held at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago every June. This year, NeoCon entered their 51st year with a conference and exhibition from June 10-12. Since its inception, NeoCon has been the most important event of the year for the commercial design industry.

Representatives from Constant Technologies’ sales and furniture departments visited NeoCon this year. This event is important to Constant for a number of reasons. First of all, with two operations center consoles on the GSA schedule, Constant can take advantage of the networking and learning opportunities provided by the conference. Additionally, NeoCon is the best opportunity to learn about new and upcoming trends for commercial space design.

NeoCon Plaza Sign

Trends we saw at NeoCon:

Soundproof Booths

The open office trend of a few years ago has highlighted the need for privacy and sound-absorbing spaces in the workplace. Just like last year, solutions for this are everywhere at NeoCon.

The most popular acoustic solution is modular soundproof booths. These can be used for meetings or phone calls within an open office space and provide privacy. Primary exhibitors of these cutting edge pod solutions included Framery and Zenbooth.

Sit-Stand Desks

side by side sit-stand desks for operations center

Commercial design continues to grow more human-focused than ever. There are tons of initiatives to promote a healthy workspace, but perhaps none so popular as sit-stand desks. While this trend is by no means new, it continues to innovate with new aesthetics and functionality every year. The adjustable height desks at NeoCon included trends such as wood-look laminates for a warmer feel or pops of color on the lift components for a fun and modern look.

Constant maintains a dedication to creating hardy operations center consoles with modern, on-trend aesthetics. We provide customizable sit-stand desks as well as our GSA-line Freedom console, which is adjustable height. All of our adjustable height command center furniture is completely customizable, allowing for finishes that fit the overall aesthetics of your mission critical space design. From metallic, clean bright-white finishes to luxury wood-look laminates, we provide console solutions for every style.

Innovative Laminates

NeoCon is not only a great opportunity to seek out new trends; it also serves as a venue for Constant to touch base with our vendors and get up-to-date on any new innovations. Two of these vendors include Wilsonart and Formica, whose laminates Constant uses for high-quality furniture finishes.

Year after year, these two vendors continue to add unique and fashionable aesthetics paired with the commercial performance standards we require for our mission critical furniture. Since we create our furniture with high-pressure laminates, we prioritize keeping up to date with our vendors’ latest product offerings.

That’s a wrap for another year of NeoCon. If you are interested in learning more about our furniture solutions or our audiovisual integration offerings, please contact us today to learn more.

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