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Maximizing Efficiency in Your Cyber Command Center

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All businesses value efficiency, but in no environment is it more important than in mission critical. An efficient CSOC monitoring cybersecurity greatly benefits any organization. Optimizing your SOC operations improves incident response, threat intelligence, and successful operations.

While an efficient and optimized SOC is the goal, the reality often falls short. As with any operation, there are elements that might undermine the smooth running of your CSOC.

The Cybersecurity Shortage

One of the greatest threats to operational efficiency is under-staffing. In recent years, the shortage of cybersecurity job-seekers has been a major cause for concern. Without sufficient quantities of cybersecurity talent on board, your organization may struggle to fully process all important data and to maintain the optimal level of performance.

Further, understaffed CSOCs cause each team member to bear a heavier than necessary burden. This increases the risk of burnout, which can lead to delays in vital processes. Inevitably, the CyberSOC operates in a world of high-pressure expectation and a number of stressors. It is vital to invest in the talent of your team.

Regardless of the number of operators on your cyber security team, there are ways you can set them up for success and lead your CSOC to efficient operations.

Reducing Burnout = Increased Efficiency

The increasingly sophisticated threats of the cyber world require dedicated monitoring and response. It requires careful planning to keep the operators within a CSOC from becoming overwhelmed and to ensure efficient operations. Here are some steps to reduce the risk of operator burnout:

  1. Clearly define processes and roles within the CSOC. Setting a distinct procedure for who will handle what keeps operations streamlined and prevents individual operators from being overwhelmed with responsibility.
  2. Set priorities. Any cyber command center will have numerous tasks on any given day. Prioritize these so that operators know what to tackle first. Cyber investigations and threat hunting should be considered chief among all tasks.
  3. Look into using an MSSP. Most CSOCs run 24/7. If your command center turns on and is never turned off, but you face a staffing shortage, consider using a managed security services provider to fill in the gaps and allow your operators time to refresh.
  4. Examine opportunities for automation. Though human intelligence will always remain a core part of cybersecurity operations, there are ways to remove some of the burden. Threat detection in particular can be automated with one of many advanced software options available on the market. Displaying software with automation on a shared command center video wall allows operators to quickly and efficiently access vital data.

Set a Plan

Any organization needs an up-to-date incident response plan. Naturally the CSOC takes the lead in detecting and responding to security incidents; however, since cybersecurity affects the entire organization, all potentially affected parties need to know how they should respond in a critical event.

Setting an incident response plan gives users and employees the tools to recognize the warning signs of a critical event. When everyone looks out for the security of the organization and its information, there are more opportunities for early detection. In addition, having a set plan allows for streamlined communications in the event of an incident so that your CSOC and all affected parties remain informed.

In addition to planning, practice is another cornerstone of efficiency. Practice your incident response plan regularly to find potential inefficiencies or problems.

Design for Success

Constant specifically designs turnkey solutions to enable efficient and accurate operations in your command center. Integrated AV systems hand-picked from the best available technologies make command center operations as reliable as possible, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Constant tests each component of an audiovisual installation – from video wall processors, controllers and switchers to video wall panels – long before offering the technology to clients. Recipients of a Constant installation can rest assured that every element has been vetted for performance prior to installations.

User experience is key to efficient operations. Large scale video wall solutions allow operators to view multiple, high resolution sources on a single screen to optimize collaboration and data sharing. The video wall system, while complex, needs to be simple in its implementation so that operators don’t spend too much time setting up what they want to view and more time viewing it. Constant’s programming department custom programs control systems and simplifies them for simple user experience. This allows operators to focus less on the technology and more on what matters.

Each command center has specific and unique needs. At Constant, we listen to your needs and goals to provide a custom fit solution that optimizes your organization’s efficiency.

To learn more about what we can do to help you create an efficient cybersecurity center, contact us today.

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