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The Logistics of Global Operations Center Installations

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We live in a world where business conducted on the global scale continually increases. Constant Technologies has had an eye toward worldwide business practically from our inception.

Going global can pose a number of logistical challenges for companies; since Constant has always had a global vision for partnering with clients, we have decades of experience handling these challenges. So how do we effectively plan for and execute installations on an international scale?

“The installation and integration are typically the same no matter where we go,” said Vice President of Sales Tom Sheeran. “The biggest challenge to overseas work is certainly shipping, customs clearance, and coordination.”

Ensuring Security of Shipments

When shipping valuable products over long distances, security can become a concern due to the long distances and multiple parties involved. For Constant, however, decades of experience shipping products all around the world result in tried and true procedures that ensure the safe arrival of your AV equipment and command center furniture. Due to the mission critical nature of our installations, our supply chain processes are secure. Constant uses trusted logistics partners to carry out shipments using a combination of dedicated trucks and air freight to manage shipments from point to point.

We also employ a number of steps to ensure secure shipment. Said Sheeran, “All shipments are documented down to the cables and connectors and are fully insured from our facility to the client site.” In addition, we send spare products whenever possible in order to avoid delays should anything get damaged during shipment or not function properly upon arrival. When the goods arrive on site, Constant’s team is there to inspect and receive them in order to ensure everything is in good working order. These steps help to guarantee that projects complete on schedule and according to the client’s requirements.

On-Time Delivery

Overseas logistics can create challenges for on-time delivery. We ensure that products arrive in a timely manner by following a number of steps. As the first task, we research where exactly we will ship our products and familiarize ourselves with the regulations and requirements for each country we work in. We also practice what Sheeran refers to as “tight coordination and documentation” with the client, customs authorities, and freight brokers in each country the shipment will arrive prior to shipping anything out. We address and research a number of questions prior to shipping, including:

  • Are there permits required?
  • Is this a trade free zone?
  • Who will pay for the VAT?
  • Are there any other duties or taxes that must be paid when the goods arrive?
  • Can we pay these duties/taxes prior to the goods’ arrival in the country?

International shipments also require proper scheduling to ensure on-time delivery. The project schedule created by Constant provides the proper amount of time required for shipments to clear customs. Said Sheeran, “It is not practical to think that all shipments will clear within 1-2 days, as customs clearance is different in every country. In most cases, we typically allow 7-10 days for customs clearance.”


Constant has decades of experience installing global operations centers. Despite some of the challenges posed by international logistics, Constant possesses the know-how to make sure our installations finish on time with minimal bumps in the road. In fact, we enjoy the challenge. Sheeran concluded, “We see overseas installations like any other installation. We have found people to be honest, hardworking, and fun to work with no matter where we go.”

And the additional challenges that international logistics and and cultural differences can pose? “These are the same things that make each project special and interesting,” said Sheeran.


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