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Knowledge Walls

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A knowledge wall is the center of aggregated information used for monitoring and analyzing to make critical decisions related to security, emergency services providers, law enforcement, and military organizations. Multiple sources, both secure and public, are used within a command center for making decisions. This fast-paced and mission critical environment typically consists of a main command area, offices, meeting rooms, and briefing rooms.

Constant Technologies can assess your command and control area to determine the best equipment for your knowledge wall project.

Some key factors include:

Staffing: Operations Center personnel can include representatives from various agencies or supporting organizations. We evaluate how many operators will be monitoring incoming video, notices, and other content. If a situation requires more attention, secondary breakout rooms may be necessary as well.

Display Requirements: Constant examines the display wall real estate, viewing angles and applications to be viewed in order to determine the best display technology for the knowledge wall. In many cases, sources must have the ability to be routed to one or more displays in the main command area, office space, meeting rooms or briefing centers.

Sources and Connectivity: A knowledge wall must pull from a wide range of sources in a quick and concise manner. Constant will work with you to determine the best processing, switching and control solutions for your operations center.

Please contact us today to learn more about how Constant Technologies can bring your knowledge wall project from concept through completion.

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October 9, 2014