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Infographic: Navigating Cybersecurity in an Increasingly Remote World

This year, we have become more dependent than ever on our digital tools. The internet has quickly shifted into the primary channel for conducting work as well as a main source for human interaction. Our growing reliance on the digital landscape makes the price of any failure that much higher.

This increased dependency on the digital infrastructure has highlighted the need for cybersecurity across all industries.

The following infographic highlights some of the particular challenges facing the world of cybersecurity in 2020, and how the implementation of a cybersecurity operations center (CSOC) can help.


infographic detailing increased risks due to working from home and how cybser security operations centers can help


Even under “business-as-usual” conditions, data is a lucrative target for cyber criminals. Now, with our growing dependence on remote technology, the need to protect data with a CSOC is even clearer. Constant Technologies has over three decades of experience creating mission critical spaces for monitoring critical data, including CSOCs. Our video wall and console furniture solutions contribute to successful, 24/7 operations. To learn more about updating or creating a CSOC for your organization, contact us today.


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