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Global Mission Critical Operations Center Installations

Constant Technologies

Companies looking to expand or improve operations centers on a multinational level have numerous obstacles to consider. The sheer number of details involved in planning the logistics of an international renovation can be overwhelming.

Tom Sheeran, Vice President of Sales at Constant Technologies, has been involved in multinational installations for almost 20 years. “Providing global turnkey solutions for command centers is something we specialize in,” said Sheeran.

In his experience, Sheeran has noticed three challenges to multinational installations: time differences, logistics, and the level of technology required. Constant Technologies provides first-in-class service to overcome all of these challenges; as a result most of our customers require multiple global installations and trust Constant with all of them.

Working Across Time Zones

Companies with global operations typically look to build a command center with a “follow-the-sun” model, which means that while all operations centers are constantly running, primary responsibility is passed in shifts between time zones. Though operations centers work 24/7, integrators and designers often don’t, and time differences can be a challenge in the planning process. Constant Technologies works around the challenge of differing time zones by having flexible employees who work to meet the client’s needs, no matter their location. “I try to mitigate that by making myself available on their hours,” Sheeran said. A typical week for Sheeran can include several calls at unusual hours; he may have one at 5 a.m. and another at 9 p.m. As project coordination is so crucial, the entire project team is willing and able to adjust schedules to take part in calls and onsite meetings to ensure the time difference does not affect the end result.

Logistics and Customs

Another challenge for multinational installations is the complex logistics of international transport and customs. This can quickly become overwhelming, so Constant works with logistics partners to ensure there is a representative on hand to pay the taxes and complete the paperwork. That way, materials and equipment being shipped will go through with no unnecessary stress for the client. Additionally, Constant’s crew will be waiting and ready to unload and begin the installation when the deliveries arrive.

Consistency and Collaboration

Among one of the biggest challenges that companies face when going multinational is developing something that’s very high tech and custom and incorporates every element necessary in a command center, such as crisis management, day to day monitoring, shift change and training. The complex demands of a mission critical space require expertise in command center workstation design and video wall integration that few can provide.

“A major goal for multinational companies is to develop something that’s technically consistent so these command centers can talk to each other,” Sheeran said. To truly implement a follow-the-sun model, these companies need a partner who can help with every step and coordinate multiple international installations with 24/7 rated dependability and uniformity. An integrator who only focuses on video wall displays and the audio visual components of an operations center may not have the knowledge to design the furniture or the whole room. By contrast, Constant Technologies pulls everything together: from spatial design, to construction of operations center furniture, display wall system installation/integration, and global collaboration. As a company that specializes in operations center design and serves as an experienced A/V integrator, Constant offers a streamlined experience for our clients. What sets Constant apart is the ability to produce turn-key operations centers with consistent design between sites and unique collaborative components, such as operations center video walls that can share content internationally with other connected centers in the event of a crisis.

“You don’t need to have a massive company to create high quality, custom operations centers on a global scale,” said Sheeran. “What you need is attention to detail, white glove service, and that’s what we’re able to provide.” With Constant Technologies, clients receive consistency in design and implementation for technology, furniture, integration, and service—including service after installation. After a project is completed, Constant offers several tiers of service so that trained technicians can provide preventative maintenance and retraining of new staff.

When you choose Constant Technologies, your global installation is in good hands. With decades of experience in international mission critical operations center installations, the Constant team can help you to plan and integrate global solutions. Constant designs your centers so that team members can walk into any of your regional operations anywhere on the globe and be immediately familiar with the command and control functionality.

Contact Constant Technologies today to get started on your global project.

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Constant has assisted clients on a wide variety of command center projects around the world including Network Operations Centers (NOC), Security Operations Centers (SOC), Security Information Centers (SIC), Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOC), Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Fusion Operations Centers, Joint Operations Centers (JOC), Tactical Operations Centers (TOC), Combined Operations Centers (COS), C4ISR Environments and Social Media Command Centers.

About Constant Technologies:

Constant Technologies Inc. is a premier integrator providing mission critical customized audio-visual integration, technology and custom furniture solutions worldwide. With over 30 years’ experience, its seasoned team has access and experience with sensitive environments, such as Cyber Defense and Homeland Security. Constant designs, installs and services projects of all scopes and size to create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.


August 18, 2017