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Gaming Security Operations Centers

Feb 21, 2019

From an underground, illegal activity to a regulated pastime available in select locations, gambling and its surveillance has changed significantly since it was first made legal. Now, casinos have highly sophisticated surveillance and security departments.

Naturally, security operations centers for casinos monitor cheating and advantage play, but they also protect against other types of risks in a casino.

More than ever before, casino surveillance departments are playing a key role in risk management. Reviewing surveillance using their video wall technology, operators in a gaming security operations center can conduct post-incident investigations that prove invaluable for preventing future similar incidents. The video evidence obtained through surveillance is valuable for claims management and potential litigation. By collecting this video, casinos protect themselves and their customers in the event of potential future incidents and the following procedures.

Security operations centers also help casinos adhere to regulations. Gambling is carefully monitored; governing bodies such as tribal governments or the state of Nevada heavily regulate casinos, which must adhere to a strict set of policies. The surveillance capabilities and analytics provided by a security operations center video wall help casinos ensure adherence in all arenas. For example, monitoring video surveillance in tandem with analytics about the activity of cash dispensing machines helps casinos report if guests remain in compliance with Title 31, which requires all casino winnings to be reported as income to the Internal Revenue Service.

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Monitoring Criminal Activity

In addition to addressing concerns about cheating, gaming security operations centers monitor, react to, and prevent other criminal acts. From employee theft to opportunists stealing from other players on the gaming floor, security analysts in a casino’s security operations center monitor for a variety of criminal acts. This can also apply to incidents that extend beyond the casino. While monitoring the gaming floor is the main objective for a casino’s SOC, they still work closely with public safety departments to keep an eye out for criminals or provide intelligence to aid an investigation. For example, following the October 1, 2017 shootings in Las Vegas when a gunman opened fire from the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, investigators collected surveillance video that any casinos had of the shooter as well as any reports, interactions, gaming records, etc. to create a full analysis.

Ultimately, the future of gaming surveillance departments lies in collaboration. Operators in a casino security operations center not only monitor video surveillance, they also investigate, analyze, and collaborate with other departments and organizations. Rather than remaining in silos, the SOC department partners with other groups and with law enforcement to stop a variety of crime before it happens or to help conduct thorough investigations.

If you are looking to implement or update a security operations center in your gaming environment, Constant Technologies can help. We provide integration of 24/7 video walls and custom design security operations center consoles to specifically suit your needs. With a variety of solutions available for collaboration within your SOC, Constant enables top performance. Reach out today for a complimentary design consultation.

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