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Designing for Command Center Tours

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The successful command center is not only the nerve center of your organization and the hub of all things mission critical, it is also a point of pride for your organization and its stakeholders. The presence of a 24/7 operations center can serve as a powerful demonstration of your organization’s sophistication and preparedness. For this reason, a command center can become a showpiece for your organization and a regular stop on site tours.

Knowing your future command center will be used as a tour site can be helpful at the start of your project. The experienced mission critical designers at Constant can help ensure your center will have the wow factor necessary for tours while also functioning to the highest standards.

Tour placement

A key factor to consider is if there should be a separate viewing area or whether tours can enter without disturbing the mission critical activities. If visitors to the command center might be disruptive to operations, a number of solutions can be implemented. A viewing area outside the room or an adjacent conference room with a glass wall can be a great solution that allows viewing of the operations center without creating a disturbance for the operators within the space. Constant’s designers can factor in additional features, such as using snap glass for the viewing wall that can switch between transparent and opaque to protect sensitive information should a critical event occur during a tour.

Designing for tours

Operations centers that will be used for tours also influence the aesthetic decisions made during the design process. The experienced NOC designers at Constant have the skill to create highly functional but visually appealing spaces that perform well for tours. Details such as lighting and consoles can contribute to creating a highly aesthetic space. For example, high contrast lighting in a darker space creates a sense of drama and is well-suited to rooms with showpiece video walls to draw eyes to the technology. Our custom operations center furniture features sleek lines and ample cable management to ensure a clean, modern-looking space. Command center desks made by Constant are available in a variety of custom finishes and are built to perfectly suit your installation. Constant can also accommodate the inclusion of “wow” features such as custom LED lighting on the underside of the consoles which can be controlled by the video wall controller. Take a look at our gallery to see some of our tour-ready installations.

Video wall considerations

The planned application of the room also affects the choices made in video wall design. The planned use for the operations center video wall and how much it will feature in tours helps define the way that Constant Technologies approaches its design and construction. In some instances, an installation will include a video wall that’s more of a showpiece for tours, and operators aren’t closely monitoring the information on the wall. In a project scenario with a large video wall in a lobby displaying large-scale content or a display wall in a room primarily used for outside viewing, the considerations for sizing and placement of the video wall are different than they would be if the video wall were to be used primarily for data.

Tours of your space can be an important part of your operations, serving as a sales tool to secure new clients or stakeholders. Whether your operations center reassures clients that you are keeping their data secure, demonstrates your emergency-preparedness to stakeholders, or performs any other number of critical functions, sharing your capabilities through site tours can be beneficial to your organization.

Let Constant know how you would like to bring tours through your space, and we can begin work on some conceptual designs. Contact us today to start the process.


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