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Design Meets Mission Critical Function: Control Center Furniture

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Control center furniture should be more than a passing thought when it comes to the design of your mission critical space. The operations of your 24/7 control center are vital to your organization; the design of your space should facilitate those operations.

A few weeks ago we touched on the function of mission critical design, particularly in relation to audiovisual components such as the command center video wall. Now we explore the importance of the design of your command center desks and how they contribute to overall performance.

Ergonomic Mission Critical Furniture

Operators in mission critical environments often work long shifts. The best command center design takes the needs of the operators into consideration. Multiple components of control center furniture design contribute to ergonomics. Adjustable height operations center workstations allow operators to set the height of their console to specifically suit their needs. In addition, adjustable height desks allow operators to vary positions during their long shifts, promoting a healthier, ergonomic environment.

The orientation of workstations in relation to the rest of the room also contributes to the overall ergonomics of the space. For example, line of sight from workstations to important components such as the video wall plays a key role in ergonomics. If an operator will frequently look to the data display wall, a sightline analysis ensures ergonomic furniture placement. This reduces eye and neck strain.

However, ergonomic placement of furniture can be a complex design process. For instance, there is a significant difference in ergoneomic ideals for a space with two operators compared to a space with 50+ operators. In a room with multiple rows of operations center consoles, sophisticated design finds a “happy medium” where operators at the back aren’t too far away, and the operators at the front aren’t too close to the video wall.

Control Center Furniture for Effective Workflow

The arrangement and types of command center furniture in a mission critical space can contribute to the efficiency of operations. A popular solution is arranging workstations in open pod configurations to streamline the collaboration and communication among operators. Tri-desk and quad-desk configurations can facilitate the sharing of information among different teams located in the operations center. Another way to promote operators working together within a command center space is the inclusion of set collaboration areas. These include huddle spaces or adjacent conference rooms where operators have a designated area to collaborate that is set aside but still within the mission critical space.

Durability for Round-the-Clock Use

Operations centers run 24/7. Therefore, the design of operations center furniture must take into account their constant use. Quality command center consoles are built to stand the test of time. From high-pressure laminate finishing to high-strength aluminum or other metal sub-structure instead of wood, the durability of operations center consoles is one of the elements of design that sets them apart from standard, pre-fab office furniture.

Designing Furniture for Equipment Needs

In a mission critical setting, having proper accommodation for all equipment is vital. To accommodate everything from day-to-day operations to critical events, operations centers have a large variety of equipment at hand. Console furniture for command centers must have design that encompasses specific needs, whether it’s the ability to mount multiple monitors at each station or the space to house several CPUs within an enclosed module. Well-designed operations center consoles feature both utility and cleaner aesthetics due to equipment storage options. Further design components for effective furniture in a control center space include louvered grills or exhaust fans for ventilation, easy access doors, and cable management, among others.

Constant Takes the Complexity of Design to Make a Simple Solution

Good operations center design is a balancing act. It takes true expertise to ensure all components not only work together, but are also optimized for 24/7 use. Constant Technologies can provide all of that and more. We design control center furniture to meet your needs and exact specifications, all the way down to colors and finishes. Additionally, we integrate huddle rooms and adjacent conference rooms to provide maximum collaboration for your space. Our decades of experience in the industry mean that no one does it better. Due to our comprehensive knowledge of the complex needs in mission critical spaces, we deliver solutions that make operations simple for the end-users.

To learn more about our furniture and audiovisual solutions for command and control environments, contact us today.


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Constant Technologies, Inc. is a mission critical systems integrator with experience worldwide. We provide audiovisual integration of 24/7 video walls and custom operations center furniture. Over 30 years of experience give us the knowledge and clearance to work with sensitive environments in both the public and private sectors. Constant designs, installs and services projects of all scopes and sizes. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind. Some of Constant’s installations include: Network Operations Center design, EOC builds, Fusion Centers, Security Operations Centers, Social Media Command Centers, and other command and control environments.