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Customized Collaboration Spaces for Mission Critical Environments

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Collaboration has always been an important component to success in mission critical environments. Now it is more vital than ever, allowing organizations to share information and ideas not only across departments but across locations as well.

The inclusion of remote employees and huddle spaces has only increased the demand for effective collaboration technology in mission critical environments. Sharing reports, data, and ideas comprises a key component of critical event monitoring and response. Innovative developments in mission critical technology allow central collaboration for global teams so they can make fast and informed decisions.

The cornerstone of a successful collaborative space, particularly in a mission critical environment, is the technology. A successful installation includes cutting edge 24/7 video wall systems with audio solutions paired with collaborative hardware and software.

What are some key considerations for the design of collaborative spaces?

Ease of use

Sometimes the solutions used for collaborative spaces are complex. This can lead to concern for the users of the space – will they be able to use it effectively? No matter how complicated the installation, Constant makes sure that the solutions we provide are simple for the end user to allow efficient collaboration in these vital spaces.


As in all mission critical AV installations, the technology in these collaborative spaces needs to withstand constant use. At Constant we select from among the best vendors to provide fail-proof technology solutions to accommodate the 24/7 demands of critical spaces.

Connecting Disparate Systems

Creating collaborative spaces often involves incorporating pieces from multiple disparate systems. For these spaces to work, various solutions must communicate with one another. This is where an integrator like Constant comes in: we know which components work with one another to provide a seamless integration for your collaborative space.


Every organization is different and works in dissimilar ways; a solution that works for one organization doesn’t always work for another. Even separate departments within the same organization may have different preferences. For this reason, a custom solution is important so that all operators are provided with a collaborative space that works for them.


An investment in a collaboration space is one you want to last. Constant understands this and builds with the future in mind. Our solutions are meant to last. Additionally, we offer a variety of long-term service contracts to ensure that your space is always working for your collaboration needs.

No matter your collaboration needs, Constant Technologies is the right choice to provide your mission critical solutions. We can link your team together across key devices and content platforms and throughout multiple global locations. When it comes to efficient, informed decision making for your critical processes, Constant shares your goals.

Take a look at our gallery to see examples of the collaborative spaces we have provided for clients.

Contact us today to discuss your project; our technology and design consultations are free. Together we can explore a variety of collaborative solutions to find one that fits your needs.

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