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Customer Experience Centers Increase Collaboration

One of the most powerful ways to draw in customers and build engagement in a modern organization, particularly a technology-centric one, is through visuals. Creating a space where customers can visualize how they will use your product or service helps bring concept to reality in an immersive fashion. In a customer experience center, working with customers becomes an act of co-creation and collaboration instead of a one-sided sales pitch.

A customer experience center (CEC) is a space where you can create an immersive storytelling experience for clients and decision makers to know your brand.

Every customer experience center is different, but what all have in common is the ability to create an experience for the customer that communicates the organization’s values, products, and partnership possibilities. The successful CEC immerses clients in an organization’s story and helps them visualize how they can be a part of it.

This new arena of engagement with your customers facilitates an experience customized to their vision, fostering dialogue, relationships, shared insights, and innovation through hands-on demonstrations and emerging technology.

A popular use for CECs is in organizations where the company and customer collaborate on designs or plans – whether a design for an interior space, architecture, machinery, or even software. On the video wall display screens, you can show the client’s custom configuration and collaborate on the plan together, with specialists and engineers in attendance to make and display any discussed changes. The use of video wall systems in customer experience centers allows for a tailored experience as well as group discussion and collaboration.

In an interactive customer experience center with a showpiece video wall, the sales process becomes highly customizable and interactive, allowing customers to become co-creators and a part of your brand story in the process. It also allows your organization to display metrics about your products or services to customers on the data display wall in a visually appealing way. This allows for collaborative discussion aided by real-time data and visual demonstrations to further inform potential clients about your brand.

Customer experience centers can also serve multidisciplinary purposes. In addition to working as a customer-facing, interactive sales tool and public tour space, many CECs also function as logistics hubs and operations centers when not being visited by potential clients. As centers of automation, connection, and data, these rooms can also function as research hubs, material development spaces, and pre-production labs. Additionally, due to the hands-on interactive features and informative focus, customer experience centers can function as training centers for your own team as well. This interchangeable use of space necessitates flexibility in design.

From command center desks to command center video walls, Constant can help with the core components of your planned customer experience center. Starting with conceptual design all the way through project completion, Constant’s team will help you create the cutting-edge customer experience room that best serves your organization.

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January 25, 2018