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Custom Operations Center Furniture for Your Unique Mission

Constant Technologies

At Constant each console is as unique as your operations.

The anatomy of a mission critical operation is not one size fits all. Your team might be in charge of anything from securing customer financial information, to monitoring the physical security of a building, to coordinating multiple departments for disaster response. Whatever your operations, one thing is certain: no two command centers are exactly alike.

That’s why at Constant, we approach each project individually and with our full attention. Just as the solutions to the problems you face as a mission critical operator are not one size fits all, neither should be your design. Especially when it comes to operation center furniture.

We all know the analogy of square peg, round hole. You can’t force something to fit that isn’t made to. Technology furniture mass-produced for a standard office space simply won’t work in a challenging environment like your 24×7 operations.

First of all, the structure itself won’t be up to the task. Most pre-fabricated consoles wear easily; frequent necessary replacements could hinder the smooth progress of your operations. Custom operation center consoles like those designed by Constant are a necessary investment if you want your furniture to stand the test of time. We use metal or high-strength aluminum substructures and finish our consoles with hardy, high-pressure laminate. Unlike standard office furniture, our command furniture has a lifetime warranty.

In addition, pre-fabricated furniture simply can’t accommodate the sophisticated technology needs that command center furniture needs to address. In mission critical environments, technology is a crucial component of the day to day. A custom operations center furniture solution is the best way to ensure that the furniture and audiovisual components of your space work with and not against each other. Constant’s custom consoles incorporate cable storage both for the proper care of important cables and for clean aesthetics. Most mass-produced furniture will not give the same capabilities for cable management and often give only one path for cables. In pre-fabricated furniture, cable management is often an afterthought. With Constant, however, it’s an integral part of the design. Additionally, most ready-made desks will only provide housing for one PC and minimal monitors. A custom furniture solution is geared toward sufficient equipment storage. Not only that, but Constant’s custom operations center furniture also includes louvered grills for ventilation of your technology and can also incorporate exhaust fans into the design for additional cooling capacity.

Furthermore, custom console design is the best way to ensure proper ergonomics for your operators. Mission critical centers often have long shifts, which can create ergonomic problems if not properly planned for. The “one size fits all” solution offered by standard furnishings does not take into account the unique ergonomic requirements for these 24×7 spaces. Line of sight is of particular importance – since much of an operations center relies on the shared information displayed on the large, central video wall, it’s vital that all operators can view the displays without having to crane their necks or position themselves in a way that would be uncomfortable or eventually taxing to the body. As part of our custom console design, Constant conducts a sight line analysis to ensure that the placement, orientation and design of each individual console is optimized for operator ergonomics. We also offer other ergonomic features such as sit-stand capabilities so operators can vary their positions throughout the day.

Finally, a sleek, custom operations center furniture solution from Constant can also be leveraged as a showpiece for your command center. A successful command center is not only the nerve center of your organization and the hub of all things mission critical, it is also a point of pride for your organization and its stakeholders. The presence of a 24/7 operations center can serve as a powerful demonstration of your organization’s sophistication and preparedness and often becomes a focal point of site tours. Our custom operations center furniture features sleek lines and ample cable management to ensure a clean, modern-looking space. Command center desks made by Constant are available in a variety of custom finishes and are built to perfectly suit your installation. Constant can also accommodate the inclusion of eye-catching features such as custom LED lighting on the underside of the consoles which can be controlled by the video wall controller. In contrast, the aesthetics of pre-fabricated furniture fall short of the possibilities. From sub-optimal cable management creating a look of disarray to limited customization options, ready-made furniture does not contribute to a cohesive, tour-ready installation as well as our custom furniture options.

Ultimately, furniture designed to fit a vast variety of markets won’t be the right fit for the unique demands of a mission critical environment. In fact, each operations center is so distinct that each one deserves a separate analysis of their console furniture needs. That’s why at Constant, we approach each project as an individual design opportunity. The needs of your operations center are different than anyone else’s, so your furniture should be too.

To begin exploring custom ideas for your mission critical furniture solutions, contact us today.

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Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+ years of experience, we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.