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Creating a Digital Hub for Your Organization

Welcome to the center of your business: a multi-functional room that connects sales, creative campaigns, CRM, and social media through data streams in a single hub.

A Brand Hub can serve multiple functions for your organization far beyond social media. The implementation of a digital engagement center would enable seamless combination of creative, media, and sales and facilitates the sharing of data across branches of your organization for ultimate collaboration.


A digital center has cross-functional applications which allow your team to integrate multiple aspects of your process using the best video wall technology. The visual insights made possible through a data wall display provide actionable information that can enable plans to see your organization’s goals through to completion. Real-time analysis allows for flexible, continuous planning in contrast to sparse, scheduled planning processes. A digital command hub links information, action, and planning in one straightforward, accessible space.

Your data hub can serve as a single stop at the center of the action, facilitating quick response and collaboration across departments such as sales, marketing, and public relations. With connectivity technology your organization can have multiple centers worldwide where team members from across the globe can collaborate with one another in real-time. A command center with video wall integration can help bring social, sales, and creative data to life with appealing, easy to understand visuals. The increased capability for sharing and collaboration leads to a democratization of data that’s inclusive of all parties in your organization.

As you begin the process of creating a social intelligence center, it is important to make concrete plans for its use. Some plans your organization should have in place include:

  • Operator Experience: How many people need to be in the space on a permanent basis and what type of space needs to be available for additional capacity during events? What style furniture best serves the work flow of the room?
  • What type of data do you need to view? Does this come from local sources such as operator PCs or are there dedicated sources for the display wall content? Are sources not local to the room, such as laptops, important as well?
  • How can users interact with the display wall? Often there is a dedicated operator running the display wall, but touch enabled display wall solutions can further engage users and allow instant manipulation of data.

Your organization should also consider the types of metrics that will be displayed on the data wall system. Potentially useful metrics might include product mentions across various platforms, the geographic location of certain conversations surrounding your brand, performance metrics of your marketing campaigns and website, and multiple other applications.

Placement of your command center installation is also key. As the center of action, your digital command center should be in a highly visible location to facilitate connection and collaboration. Your installation should include a showpiece video wall that can display shared data and command center workstations build for style and operator comfort. As mission critical AV integrators and custom command center furniture manufacturers, Constant can assist you in creating the ultimate experience center for your organization. Our design team can develop conceptual designs for your space to help your team visualize the possibilities for your new center.

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Constant Technologies, Inc. is a premier mission critical audio
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February 15, 2018