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Creating a Control Room for Your Smart City

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“Smart city” is a term that has gained popularity in recent years. But what exactly is a smart city?

A smart city uses a variety of interconnected data sources to inform decisions made for its communities. A variety of software, artificial intelligence applications, and communication networks contribute to the technology framework that assists leaders in deploying solutions.

Over 55% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. It’s expected that by 2050, that percentage will climb to 68%. The global growth in cities makes clear the need to manage resources sustainably and ensure the quality of life for an increasingly urban population.

The emergence of smart cities means that local governments can effectively manage assets and resources and respond to critical incidents in a timely manner.

Features of a smart city

Smart cities combine intelligence and automation to analyze city dynamics, manage city service operations and overall provide quality-of-life improvements for their citizens.

Here are some examples of what a smart city can do:

  • Traffic management to monitor traffic flows, reduce congestion, and optimize the timing of traffic lights
  • Energy conservation initiatives such as street lights that dim over empty roads
  • Fleet management systems for waste management
  • Monitoring high crime areas
  • Early warning for natural disasters
  • Infrastructure health monitoring

Control rooms for smart cities

Making use of a variety of data sources can give valuable insights that result in tangible improvements for the citizens of a smart city.

The challenge, however, is figuring out the way to best collect and manage the data that comes from the numerous sensors and databases. How do smart city professionals avoid information overload and collaborate efficiently? The best way is through a control room.

Control rooms are the backbones of smart cities. The visualization and collaboration solutions offered by the design of a control room make information flow and actionable response seamless.

A central video wall at the heart of a smart city control room means information is clearly visible and shared with all operators within the room. This allows operators to easily monitor data applications and share insights with their colleagues. With careful planning of the video wall system integration, content can be shared securely with adjacent situation rooms or other stakeholders to facilitate collaborative response.

In addition to the video wall in a smart city control room, layout and furniture selections can influence productivity and collaboration. A customized, ergonomic workspace allows operators to make critical decisions with lower stress levels and higher productivity. Control room furniture arranged in open pods can promote streamlined communication among operators. Many control room environments will also have a collaboration space such as a conference or situation room within or adjacent to the main operations center.

Create a smart city control room with Constant Technologies

From layout design to customized video wall systems integration and console furniture, Constant covers every aspect of a turnkey control room installation.

Our project managers work with you from concept through completion, determining the best solution for the challenges posed by your use case and unique requirements. We walk you through a design process that includes a needs analysis, conceptual layouts, and detailed AV drawings. Once the design details are approved, Constant assists in the installation to ensure that the audiovisual system and console furniture we provide works exactly as designed.

If you are considering a control room to implement a smart city solution, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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