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Constant’s Gaming Console Solutions

Constant Technologies

What is eSports? Put simply, it’s competitive video gaming with an audience. And it’s not just sports games such as Madden NFL, like the name might suggest. Games such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, and more are also popular in competitive gaming. ESports have been steadily gaining in popularity, especially over the last few years.

ESports can be played in arenas and labs. Competition levels range from professional to educational leagues at universities and even K-12 schools.

eSports Design

Whatever the application of your particular eSports space, design plays a key role.

Gaming displays have higher refresh rates than traditional displays, so it’s important to pay attention to the type you install in your gaming space. A professional can help you make the right decision for displays.

The consoles you select for your gaming stations can also make a difference in eSports players’ performance. Gaming stations need to have proper space for all of the peripherals needed to properly play. Also, gaming can be taxing, requiring long hours of sitting and eye strain. Therefore choosing ergonomically designed gaming consoles is key to maintaining gamer’s health.

The overall gaming space is also something to consider. Especially in educational environments, eSports labs can serve multiple purposes. Multi-use purposes can include a business marketing center, live broadcasting, and a place for students to practice graphic design when eSports are not active. To create a general space that maximizes potential, modular components are important.

Constant Technologies’ Gaming Console

Constant Technologies offers a sleek gaming console available for both eSports arenas and labs. With the practical functionality, rugged endurance, and sleek aesthetics you expect from Constant, our eSports console is top-of-the-line.

Some features include:

  • Integrated headset holder
  • Open PC storage for easy access to equipment
  • Worksurface convenience jacks for power outlets and USB power connections
  • Optional partitions between users
  • LED lighting package for console downlighting in a wide array of colors

If you would like to learn more about our eSports consoles and get a free budget and design consultation, contact us today.

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+ years of experience, we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.