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Constant Technologies Service and Support

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Constant Technologies

Finding the right integrator for your command center is about more than what they can do for you today; ultimately, the best integrator for your organization is one that fosters a long-term relationship. Clients agree that not only is Constant Technologies knowledgeable, quality-focused, and thorough, we are also continued supporters of our valued customers. One client praised Constant’s “unequaled level of customer service.”

Brad Righi, President of Constant Technologies, said of Constant’s commitment to supporting our customers: “Service is an integral part of Constant’s mission. At the end of the day our clients and the duties they perform are the most important part of what we do and supporting them throughout the lifespan of their operations is vital to who we are as a company.”

Your operations center team keeps the nerve center of your organization running at peak efficiency. Constant’s goal for service and support is to provide your team with the tools they need to continue their vital work as quickly and accurately as possible.

Operators in a command center environment must be able to monitor multiple sources of information on a video display wall, making decisions that can impact an entire organization. As mission critical AV integrators, Constant Technologies understands the importance of keeping your center up and running for 24×7 operations and knows how easily technical issues can bring a smooth operation to a jolting halt. In a GSOC, EOC, and other mission critical spaces, each moment of downtime could have large and unforeseen costs. Efficient and effective service is necessary for the audiovisual integration of your 24×7 video wall space.

When we install your command center video wall system and other components of your audiovisual setup, Constant designs for both aesthetics and functionality. The end of our installation process is just the beginning of our relationship with clients. Selvyn Arias, Senior Service Technician at Constant Technologies, said, “Our goal in the Constant Support team is to always be there for our customers, who work in such critical environments.” From on-demand time and materials to multi-year contracts, Constant offers several support options that focus on our tiers of service after installation.

“At Constant,” said Arias, “we offer preventative maintenance options and service levels to fit our clients’ needs and budgets.” While the details of each custom plan vary, all of our service plans address the four tiers of service: Preventative Maintenance Visits; Emergency Onsite Visits; Telephone and Email Support; and Workshop Repairs.

Constant’s 4 Tiers of Service:

1. Preventative Maintenance Visits

A preventative maintenance schedule is crucial for the continued operation of a video wall system. A well-managed preventative maintenance program extends the life of command center equipment and helps to mitigate costly downtime for repairs. Constant offers preventative maintenance visits performed by qualified engineers to care for clients’ control room equipment and reduce the need for additional service down the road. These preventative maintenance visits include the cleaning and configuring of all equipment and identification and rectification of any problems. In addition, these visits can include re-training of the operators to ensure optimal performance in our clients’ command centers. For customers’ convenience, we can complete preventative maintenance visits outside of normal business hours in order to limit the effect of downtime.

2. Emergency Onsite Visits

Constant’s service team responds to service calls and emails within the normal working hours of 08:30 – 17:00 Monday through Friday with the exclusion of bank and statutory holiday periods. After initial phone or email troubleshooting is completed, Constant provides, if necessary, emergency site visits during which an engineer will attend to the site within the specified response time. Every minute counts in a mission critical environment, and Constant understands the importance of responding to emergency troubleshooting in a timely manner.

3. Telephone and Email Support

Constant Technologies has a designated support email and phone number. Our team is happy to provide unlimited telephone and email support to clients in relation to all supported equipment in one of our mission critical installations.

4. Workshop Repairs

Should a client’s mission critical AV equipment need to be removed from the site to be repaired, Constant will work to repair it as quickly as possible. If the equipment is covered under a manufacturer warranty, Constant’s team manages the administration of shipping and logistics and, if required, can arrange for manufacturer advance replacements or loan equipment if covered under the terms of the warranty.


As equipment, technology, and your operations change, our team works alongside yours to ensure the continued performance of your mission critical environment. When you work with Constant, we tailor our service solutions to best suit your needs so we can serve you best both now and in the future. Clients have said that Constant’s team is “dedicated” and “dependable,” adding that “everyone on the team from sales to support provides superior service and is a joy to work with.” Our ultimate goal as a company is the satisfaction of our customers. Though much can change in the fast-paced world of mission critical, our service, support, and dedication to clients remains Constant.

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. is a premier mission critical systems integrator providing custom operations center video wall integration and command center furniture solutions across the globe. With over three decades of experience, Constant’s team has access to and experience with sensitive environments in both the public and private sectors. Constant designs, installs and services projects of varying scopes to create control room furniture and video wall solutions with the highest standards of quality and aesthetics. Our team works within a range of environments such as Network Operations Centers (NOC), Security Operations Centers (SOC), Cybersecurity Operations Centers, Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Unified Command Centers (UCC), Fusion Centers, and other mission critical spaces.


April 2, 2018