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Constant Tech Enables Operational Efficiency

Constant Technologies

In a complex environment such as a mission critical command center, simplicity is key. Even the most sophisticated solutions are of no use if operators can’t quickly access capabilities the moment they are needed. In order to focus on what really matters, operators need to be able to leverage these capabilities simply and intuitively.

A skilled systems integrator and NOC designer can provide simplified solutions through efficient processes without compromising capabilities. With decades of experience, Constant knows precisely how to optimize efficiency within your command center and throughout the installation process.


Systems cannot be optimized in silos; true efficiency is realized when multiple departments work in tandem toward a common goal. Collaboration among disciplines allows the entire room and its operations to be considered holistically so that no one element competes with another or is made redundant.

Constant’s dedication to efficiency and collaboration begins at the initiation of your project. With multiple departments and disciplines collaborating internally, Constant breaks down barriers between the different aspects of a project to approach it as a whole. Additionally, Constant works with the client throughout the entirety of the project to ensure that each step forward is the right one for both the client and the NOC design.

Project Management:

Throughout the project process, Constant project managers and team leads continue to touch base with the client and installation team to avoid missing vital details. Organized project management also ensures that all elements move forward smoothly with a common vision.


Constant sets expectations for the project early on in the process, conducting needs analyses to ensure that the room is optimized during the design stage prior to the beginning of the installation. The clients’ goals and expected challenges are evaluated right away to ensure a smooth road forward. Proper planning ahead of time prevents the performance of unnecessary tasks that can hinder efficiency. This early discussion of expectations also serves to reduce the chance of future redesign or change orders during the project.

Turnkey Solutions:

As a provider of turnkey solutions, Constant offers one stop sourcing for design, integration, and installation of large scale knowledge walls and technology workstations. This allows our clients to save the hassle of working with multiple contracts and juggling multiple vendors. Turnkey solutions also improve the efficiency and reliability of integrated systems, ultimately resulting in extended longevity for the space.

Efficient Operations Enabled by Constant:

Constant’s turnkey solutions are designed to best facilitate efficient and accurate operations in your command center. Cutting edge, integrated audiovisual systems cultivated from the best in the industry make command center operations as reliable as possible, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency. Constant evaluates the performance of each component of your audiovisual design –– from video wall processors, controllers, and switchers to large format knowledge walls –– long before offering the technology to clients. Recipients of a Constant installation can rest assured that every element has been prevetted for performance and right fit.

In your operations, user experience is key. Large scale video wall solutions allow for viewing and sharing of multiple, high resolution sources on a single screen to optimize collaboration and data sharing among operators in your space. The video wall system, while complex, needs to be simple in its implementation so that operators don’t spend too much time setting up what they want to view and more time actually viewing it. Constant’s programming department crafts custom control panel programs and simplifies them for user friendliness. This allows operators to focus less on the technology and more on what matters.

Each command center has specific and unique needs. At Constant, we listen to your needs and goals to provide a custom fit solution that optimizes your organization’s efficiency. Contact us today to learn more.


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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. is a premier mission critical systems integrator providing customized audiovisual integration and console furniture solutions worldwide. With over three decades of experience, Constant’s team has experience with sensitive environments in both the public and private sectors and has implemented turnkey solutions all over the globe. Constant designs, installs and services projects of all scopes and size to create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.


May 3, 2018