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Constant Offers Partitions for Social Distancing

Constant Technologies

Even in the midst of a global pandemic, critical operations must be able to continue uninterrupted. Unfortunately, practicing safe social distancing can be a challenge within these 24/7 spaces.

Mission critical is already an ever-evolving industry. The pandemic has pushed for even more rapid adaptation to ensure these spaces remain operational and safe during times of crisis.

Because it can be difficult to properly adhere to social distancing measures in the collaborative environment of an operations center, partitions are an effective solution to ensure operator health and safety while allowing critical operations to proceed. “Our design team is quickly adapting to the challenges facing operations centers,” says Heather Conover, Senior Project Manager at Constant. “Constant’s company motto, ‘Only change is constant,’ has never been more true. The Constant team is here to assist our existing and new clients with solutions to keep your staff safe and maintain operations center continuity.”

Constant’s Partitions for Social Distancing in Operations Center Environments

Creating a physical barrier between operator workstations allows critical work to continue while also practicing social distancing. In addition to serving as a visual reminder of social distancing, they also offer protection from airborne particles that can be spread by coughing, sneezing, and talking.

Constant offers operator console partitions for both pre-existing installations and new installations moving forward. We will work with you to tailor the addition of these partitions to your unique operations center so that comfort, performance, and safety are all optimized. “When implemented, these partitions comply with the recommended OSHA and CDC guidelines for engineering controls for installing physical barriers between individuals” says Ron Costa, Director of Console Operations.

At Constant, operator safety and comfort has always been a priority. Now more than ever, we want to ensure your critical operations can continue without jeopardizing the health of your operators.

Heather Conover and Ron Costa will also feature on an upcoming episode of our podcast “Mission Critical to Mission Accomplished.” Stay tuned for their discussion about how COVID has changed the way we look at spatial design in command and control room environments.

If you would like to include partitions in a new installation or add them to an existing operations center, get in touch with us. We will customize a solution for your specific needs.

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