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Can The Right Furniture Make Command And Control Rooms More Efficient?

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Your command and control room is the nerve center of your organization. The information centralized in your operations center is used to make vital decisions for your organization. When designing a command and control space, it makes sense to select every element carefully. Each part of a mission critical operations center should serve a purpose and work toward enhancing the efficiency of the space. Can the right furniture make your command and control room more efficient? The short answer is yes. Read on to learn how.

Ergonomic furniture contributes to operator efficiency

In addition to major elements of control room design such as the audiovisual integration, it’s also important to consider ergonomics and proximity; From an operator’s position in relation to the video wall to collaboration opportunities, to operator comfort; choices surrounding your control room console ergonomics can have a significant effect on your operators.

A popular ergonomic choice for control room consoles is sit-stand desks. The ability to switch between sitting and standing positions results in less fatigue for operators, promoting increased energy and productivity. Ergonomic consoles contribute to the health and comfort of your operators, but they can also contribute to improvements in performance and efficiency — not to mention job satisfaction.

Furniture layout for efficient operations and collaboration

In addition to its effect on ergonomics, the layout of your command and control space can also contribute to the efficiency of operations. Positioning consoles so they have clear sight lines to the main video wall is a “given” in good command center design. There are also ways to arrange furniture to permit free-flowing collaboration and information sharing. One popular solution is to arrange workstations in open pod configurations, which streamlines communication among operators seated at tri- or quad-desks.

Another way to promote collaboration within an operations center is the inclusion of designated collaboration areas. These can include huddle spaces or adjacent conference rooms with visibility to the video wall or shared information.

Command center consoles are built to accommodate necessary equipment

A control room has more nuanced equipment requirements than your standard office space. Therefore, the furniture you choose makes a big difference in how efficiently employees can operate within a space in relation to their necessary equipment.

For example, a control room console has the ability to mount multiple monitors, keeping vital information close at hand 24/7. Desks in a command and control room also need storage space to house CPUs within an enclosed module as well as easy access to equipment. At Constant, we offer both standard line and custom command and control room furniture to accommodate all equipment needs for utility and aesthetics. Front and rear-facing console doors allow access to critical equipment for any necessary maintenance. Louvered grills and exhaust fans built into consoles also help keep equipment heat levels low, ensuring your necessary equipment continues to function optimally.

All this technology storage also means that you need to manage a number of cables. Cable management is a top priority in Constant’s console design. Making sure cables are well-organized is for far more than aesthetics; mismanagement of cabling can result in crimping or other damage which can interfere with efficient operations.

The command and control furniture you choose can make or break the ease of use for the vital equipment operators need day in and day out. Easy access for equipment repairs and adjustment and furniture design that ensures equipment performance is not compromised are important components when it comes to outfitting your control room.

The furniture you choose for mission critical matters

Your furniture affects the flow and function of your control room in a number of ways. Every design choice you make for command and control is important, including your furniture. Constant’s control room consoles are flexible and scalable, specifically designed for performance and durability as well as operator comfort.

Whether you choose from one of our 5 standard consoles or a custom console tailored to your exact operational requirements, we provide you with a top-of-the-line product that functions exactly how you need it to without sacrificing aesthetics.

With over three decades of experience providing operations center consoles all over the world for both the public and private sectors, it’s clear why we’re the best choice in mission critical.

Our design and budget consultation is free, so contact us today to learn more about our command and control furniture and to get started on your mission critical project.

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