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Building a Balanced Security Ecosystem

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Risk management is a balancing act; no one solution will solve all of your security challenges. On the other hand, trying to implement too many solutions can be an issue too, making security cumbersome and less effective.

To best protect your people, brand, and assets, you need to create a balanced security ecosystem.

What is a security ecosystem?

The security ecosystem refers to the tools you use for your organization’s security and how they interface with one another.

Hubs of security operations like SOCs feature numerous tools and can be rather complex. From video feeds to software with dashboards and alarms, there is a lot to keep track of.

When it comes to building your security ecosystem, it’s not about the quantity of tools you have, but how they all work together. It’s easy to focus on what tools you could add to help solve your security challenges, but the true solution is in making sure that what you do have works as effectively as possible.

Finding the balance

Before adding new technologies to your security ecosystem, take stock of what you already have. Many security professionals struggle with too many solutions, resulting in a duplication of capabilities and processes. If you have duplicate solutions, your security team may struggle with unnecessary expenditure, overlapping data, and more complications for managing it all.

Group your technologies by purpose and features to identify where you might be able to streamline your solutions and consolidate the vendors you have to work with.

After you go through and identify any duplicated efforts, take stock of where there may still be gaps. Once you identify what gaps you still have to fill, you can explore what new technologies may help you achieve your goals. When adding solutions into your security ecosystem, make sure to consider how well they will integrate with the systems you already have. Otherwise, you may end up back at square one with siloed visibility, cumbersome workarounds, and a decreased ability to accurately detect critical incidents.

The SOC as the core of your security ecosystem

As the place where all solutions are brought together, the SOC is the core of your security ecosystem. The video wall at the center of your SOC displays your various technology solutions for enhanced situational awareness, and the operator workstations house essential equipment for your personnel to use round the clock.

The SOC can make or break the balance of your security ecosystem. If the space is not optimized for workflow, operator comfort, or proper display functionality for your tools, the equilibrium of your solutions can be disrupted.

SOC design should allow you to make the best use of all your tools. These mission critical spaces have unique design needs. From future proofing to ergonomics and line of sight to 24/7 capabilities, there are key considerations to optimal SOC design that make it different from any other room type.

If you don’t take the time to plan your SOC carefully, issues may arise including:

  • A congested space that doesn’t adequately accommodate workflow
  • No room for future changes such as the addition of people or equipment
  • A poorly optimized space that is uncomfortable for operators, leading to drops in satisfaction and performance
  • Technology that has frequent downtime

Creating a balanced SOC with Constant

At Constant, we interface with your architects, contractors, and interior designers before we even step foot on site to make sure that our work flows seamlessly to create a cohesive solution. By having thorough conversations at the outset about your requirements and other project partners, we can determine an informed route forward for sourcing, cabling, and everything else that goes into SOC design.

Constant works with you on the design all the way from concept through completion. Our experienced designers, project managers, installers, and service technicians will guide you through each step with expertise honed through installations all over the world. Our offerings include SOC spatial design, project management, video wall system integration, console furniture, installation, and service and support.

To learn more about our process for creating a balanced SOC that will serve as the core of your security ecosystem, contact us today for a personalized design and budget consultation.

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