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Audio/Visual Control Systems for Operations Centers

Constant Technologies

In a mission-critical command center, a wide variety of information must be available to the operators and engineers.

These rooms function as a nerve center of an organization and critical decisions are made based on a continuous flow of data from a myriad of sources. Without the right interface to route and control sources, key information can be lost in the shuffle.

Constant Technologies offers customized
audio/visual systems specifically designed for 24/7 environments. Our control systems are one of the most important elements and simplify the way that the operations staff interacts with the audio-visual technology that is available to them. With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms available, control systems can solve the complexity of managing this technology with reliable, consistent, and scalable systems.

These systems provide centralized control of operations center displays, processors, audio/ video switchers, video and audio conferencing equipment, cable television receivers, DVD players, and more. They can also be utilized to control non-display wall-related systems, such as lighting, shades, and privacy glass.

Constant Technologies offers a wide range of control system hardware,

all of which are tried and tested to perform in mission-critical operations centers. We can implement a solution for a project of any size or scope, with a wide variety of tabletop and wall mount configurations.

A key element of a control system is programming, allowing the system to be customized to your specific requirements. Constant uses a graphical user interface (GUI) which represents the information and actions available to a user through graphical icons and visual indicators. The actions are performed through direct manipulation of the graphical elements, making it quick and easy to route information. With such an intuitive interface, very little training is necessary for an operator to understand how to quickly push sources to where they need to be viewed.

Preset configurations can be programmed, allowing for a series of actions to be completed with a single command. This can be beneficial when the display wall application arrangement must quickly be configured for a tour, training exercise, or escalation of events in the operations center.

Control systems can also provide true power feedback on connected equipment as well as diagnostic information. The system can warn users about lamp hour usage, fan speeds, power consumption, and operating temperature to maintain optimal performance.

To make sure only authorized personnel have access, permission levels can be defined to give staff access to certain sources, display wall areas, or room controls.

Contact us today if you are considering a new audio/visual system for your command center. As part of our free consultation, we will review your display wall real estate and requirements, analyzing exactly what you need to reach your project goals. Let the
project managers, designers, and audio/visual engineers at Constant help you to make the most of your command and control room.

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April 1, 2015