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5 Signs Your Control Center Needs an Update

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When the vital operations of your organization rely on everything running 24/7, periodic renewal is important. While there is no set rule for when you should update your control center, here are some factors that may indicate your center is in need of an update.

1. There is a push to reduce energy consumption

The older the display technology, the more power it uses to run. There are a number of reasons an organization may be motivated to decrease power usage, whether it’s rising energy costs or new organizational green initiatives. Whatever the case, newer audiovisual display technologies tend to use power more efficiently. This is especially important for 24/7 environments, where displays are turned on and never turned off. Investing in new technology for your operations center can help reduce energy consumption in the long run, allowing you to reach goals for both your budget and your green initiatives. 

2. Your console furniture is bulky

Technology changes rapidly, and as it shifts, so does the furniture that’s built to accommodate it. Previously, operations center consoles needed to house bulky CRT monitors and large desktop PCs. As technology has scaled down in size, so has console furniture. If the desks in your command center feel too large for your operation, it’s a surefire sign that it might be time for an upgrade. Modernizing the technology furniture in your operations center allows you to make better use of available space, potentially even increasing the number of operators you can comfortably place within the same square footage.

3. Operators are fatigued or experience strain

Mission critical ergonomics have come far in the past several years. Sit-stand consoles are a common way to combat fatigue and allow operators to stretch their legs while staying focused on the tasks at hand. Adding adjustable height workstations can enable operators within your space to maintain their comfort and adjust positioning as necessary to mitigate strain. If your operators are fatigued or experience strain, it can be a sign that the ergonomics of your space need to be updated. Constant provides both ergonomic console furniture as well as control center layout design which includes sight line analysis for ideal ergonomic viewing angles. 

4. You have to dim the lights to see the video wall

Older display technology lacked the brightness to compete with ambient lighting in a room. Years ago, command centers needed to be kept dim in order to prevent interference with the displays. Video wall technology now has progressed to where both LED and LCD displays produce enough brightness to be viewed easily even in brightly-lit rooms, eliminating the need for task lighting at individual workstations. If you find that you need to dim the lights in your operations center to properly view the shared displays, it’s a sign that your video wall technology is in need of an update. 

5. It’s been a while since the last update

On average, the refresh rate for a control center is 5-7 years. Because these spaces play a critical role in organizations, it’s vital to ensure technology is up to date and running at peak performance. Technology changes rapidly, and mission critical spaces can’t afford to fall behind. If it’s been more than 5 years since the last update to your space, it’s worth taking a look at your current setup and assessing whether it’s time for a refresh.

There are multiple moving parts to an operations center, from the furniture to the layout to the audiovisual displays. Whether you need to update all or just part of your operations, Constant can help. Our turnkey solutions include design, installation, and service for both video wall systems and console furniture. If you would like to learn more about our solutions as you plan to update your control center, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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