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3 Design Factors that Maximize Productivity

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Nowhere is productivity more important than the nerve center of your organization. Operation centers run 24/7 and have long shifts; keeping operators focused is a unique challenge. When designing your command center, there are key factors we can keep in mind to promote productivity in your mission critical space.

1. Comfort and Ergonomic Furniture

The workers in a command center play a vital role in the operations of your organization, so it is important that they face as few distractions as possible. Taking care of basic elements like operator comfort can ensure that your critical events aren’t compromised.

With this in mind, operator consoles in a command center are one of the most important design elements for productivity. While most might think of consoles as simply office furniture, in actuality they are a vital component of the design where operators interact with the technology they use each day. A number of factors can contribute to an ergonomic console. The inclusion of design elements such as sit/stand capabilities and adaptable monitors can tailor each station to an individual operator’s comfort.

Constant can customize the furniture in your operations center to fit your specific needs and ensure ergonomic solutions. We offer sit-stand furniture in a variety of styles, including our Freedom console which is available for purchase on the GSA schedule.

2. Planning for Line of Sight

Over the last several decades video technology has increasingly become the heart of operations centers installations. A large-scale video wall gives operators a way to view a variety of incoming data points in real time. This shared visual reference for real-time data allows operators to collaborate and quickly assess relevant information, which facilitates rapid response to critical events.

An operations center video wall should be installed in a location that allows operators to easily see the data. Because of the vital information displayed on the screen which they’ll need to access repeatedly, they should not have to crane their necks or move into uncomfortable positions to see the video wall. In addition, the placement of the operator consoles should not conflict with others’ ability to see the information on the digital display wall.

Constant’s design engineers conduct sight line analysis when designing the layout of your command center to ensure that every operator in your space has as clear and comfortable a view as possible. Based on the nearest distant viewer, the farthest distant viewer, and what will be displayed on the video wall, a sight line analysis determines optimal video wall and operator placement. By analyzing line of sight for each position, we minimize any distracting or uncomfortable positioning so that operators can conduct their work comfortably and efficiently.

3. Lighting

In recent years, the effect of lighting on productivity and the human psyche has become increasingly clear. Especially in a mission critical command center environment, where operators work long shifts including through the night, lighting that can adjust throughout the day to keep operators alert is incredibly useful. This concept of adjusting lighting levels is called human-centric lighting and is starting to cross over into the mission critical market after being a focus in other corporate environments in recent years.

Additionally, video wall technology has progressed significantly since their invention to allow for high visibility regardless of lighting. In older control rooms and operations centers, lighting had to be kept dim in order for the data on the display wall to be visible. However, display technology now allows for visibility even in bright environments, allowing the lighting design in your mission critical space to better complement the operators’ needs. Constant can install a customized video wall for your space that will not interfere with your human-centric lighting concept.

Taking the next step forward with your operations center design

The goal of every command center design plan should be to create a comfortable and productive workspace that maximizes operations; however, taking a human-centric design approach can feel like a lot to consider in addition to all the other mission critical requirements. That’s why bringing in experts can make all the difference and streamline your process. At Constant Technologies, we have over 30 years of experience designing specifically for 24/7, mission critical environments. Whether you are looking to update your technical furniture, video wall system, or both, Constant can provide you with the guidance you need. We work closely with your team to ensure that we create the perfect solution for your space.

To see examples of solutions we’ve provided for previous clients, take a look at our gallery.

If you’re ready to take the next step and learn more about what we can do for you, contact us today for a design consultation.

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