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15 Headaches Avoided by Choosing a Custom Designed Space

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Looking at the potential costs of a custom designed and installed command center can be overwhelming. Even more overwhelming is the idea of coordinating the project yourself and dealing with multiple vendors and install dates. Ultimately, the cost of not updating your equipment — or not doing it right — is even greater. Even with significant planning, without a skilled team of technicians and installers your command center may not be flawlessly implemented.

The sleek look of a well-integrated video wall may look simple but the level of detail that goes into planning and installing an 24/7 audio/visual system is complicated. Using a company that can design and install furniture, integrate A/V, and oversee every detail simplifies the process and avoids costly mistakes. Constant Technologies saves on time and planning; instead of contacting and coordinating multiple vendors, you can go through one source to have a completed mission critical space on time and on budget.

Constant Technologies can help you to avoid the following potential issues:

1. Not optimizing each component for your needs

Because we are an integrator that works with a number of vendors, we can mix and match video wall, processor, and control technologies so that you get the best fit for each part of your control room system. We will help you choose the right technology for your space based on your requirements.

2. Inadequate power

It is incredibly important — especially in a mission critical space — to make sure that each of your A/V components are routed to a power source that is sufficient enough to support them at all hours. Trained technicians and installers will make sure that your space has more than adequate circuits and pathways so your installation runs without interruptions.

3. Distracting sound

An important element of control center design is knowing which equipment can operate silently and which components will need to be located in another space so the noise from its cooling system cannot be heard. Improper planning or installation can lead to distracting noise levels from fans necessary to cool equipment racks.

4. Choosing the wrong type of display

There are a lot of considerations when deciding which display technology is right for you: How large does your data wall system need to be? How much power does it require? Does it have built in redundancy? Is it durable enough for a 24/7 mission critical environment? Is LCD, LED, or 4k display the right choice? We will help you choose the display technology that best fits your needs.

5. Improper ventilation for your equipment

Ventilation is important to keep equipment from overheating and to maximize its longevity. Ventilation can be built into the console furniture or accounted for in the space that houses the equipment rack. Constant’s audio-visual technicians know how to optimize the performance of your equipment.

6. Not having a suitable cabling plan

Constant develops architectural documentation to ensure floor tile cutouts, core location and/or floor boxes are placed properly. Our design, engineering, and implementation teams work closely with your facilities and contracting team so that your whole space works seamlessly and cabling is concealed.

7. Not planning for cable length limitations

Planning for cable length is a small yet surprisingly important detail. For instance, with an adjustable height desk, any cords that link to the monitors need to have additional length that accounts for the changes in height. If this isn’t initially considered, money and time is wasted correcting the issue.

8. Ergonomic Issues

From desk design to monitor and video wall placement, many details must be taken into consideration to optimize the ergonomics of your space and avoid undue strain. Ergonomic mistakes can be costly to fix, and analysts in your command center must be able to work at peak productivity without the distraction of discomfort.

9. Improper interfacing to route and control sources

In mission critical spaces, the information at stake is simply too important to risk getting jumbled. Without proper interfacing, key information can be lost in the shuffle of routing and control. Simple touch panel interfaces allow for maximum situational awareness and the ability to react quickly when seconds count.

10. Lighting that interferes with the A/V displays

Video wall installations can be expensive, and improperly directed lighting can keep you from viewing the valuable display at optimal levels. Constant works with your team to determine which lighting options will work best in your operations center.

11. Command center console furniture that is not up to the task

It is important to have control room furniture that adapts to the needs of your space, creates effective workflow, and is built with high quality materials to endure the rigors of a 24/7 mission critical environment. Cutting corners on furniture may cost more in the long run if the furniture is not built with the space’s demands in mind.

12. Space not optimized for collaboration

From selecting the technology that best suits your needs to planning conference rooms or huddle spaces, there are a lot of details to consider when it comes to collaborative workspaces. If audio or video conferencing is needed, that must to be properly routed and controlled. Constant will consider your needs and implement the solution that fits your collaboration needs within or adjacent to your operations center.

13. Freight coordination

Planning the freight coordination for your installations is an immensely important element of your command center installation. If not planned correctly, this could become an expensive thorn in the side of your project. At Constant, we coordinate the logistics of your project, including the transport and delivery of your equipment.

14. Lost time because of a mismatched construction schedule

By now it is a cliché that time is money, but for many organizations, each minute counts. Delays due to insufficient or disjointed planning are definitely not something you can easily afford. When your designers and integrators are part of the same team, all phases of installation are sufficiently planned and coordinated with your facilities and construction teams.

15. Stress

Stress is the unseen, unmeasured cost of not having the proper planning, integration, and installation for your control room. It can affect your productivity and accuracy in the workplace as well as follow you home. Let us handle the logistics so the redesign of your mission critical space runs smoothly.

In the long run, choosing a custom space designed and installed through a professional integrator can save you time, money, and a lot of headaches.

Constant has assisted clients on a wide variety of command center projects including Network Operations Centers (NOC), Security Operations Centers (SOC), Security Information Centers (SIC), Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOC), Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Fusion Operations Centers, Joint Operations Centers (JOC), Tactical Operations Centers (TOC), Combined Operations Centers (COS), C4ISR Environments and Social Media Command Centers.

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August 1, 2017