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Trends for Creating an Operations Center Post-COVID

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While it may be a long time before the full ramifications of COVID’s influence are determined, there are already ways that the landscape of business has changed — and that includes operations centers.

Here are just a few of those trends:

Reevaluating budgetary assessments because of freight/logistics

One of the biggest effects of COVID that has had effects across multiple industries is supply chain disruption. In addition to scarcity of certain materials, this can also translate to longer shipping times and variable expenses. Those looking to create an operations center should reevaluate budgetary assessments due to the fluctuations in freight and logistics post-COVID. Getting in touch with a vendor like Constant to review your project requirements will provide you with up-to-date assessments on what you can expect for your budget.

Increased focus on video monitoring and security

According to SDM Magazine, the demand for video monitoring increased over the last year and a half as businesses across all industries had an increased need to secure their workplace without personnel on site. Video monitoring was a way to achieve centralized security — and it looks like it’s here to stay. Comprehensive security solutions that include video wall monitoring allow decision makers to respond to incidents as soon as possible, including before a crime even occurs.

Flexible spatial planning

Typically, an operations center features rows or groupings of consoles situated close together. But with COVID, that had to change. Over the last year spaces were planned to include “de-densification,” which means that we designed operations centers to have more space in between the operators. This additional space could be filled with more storage opportunities in the meantime, and allowed space to add new operators in the future. While some social distancing concerns have been abated, keeping potential setbacks in mind while spatial planning will remain for quite some time.

Start planning projects earlier

If anything, the COVID-19 pandemic taught us to expect the unexpected. That means building in extra time for contingencies, and thinking about projects much earlier in case of any uncertainties. Even under normal circumstances, planning for your mission critical operations center should not be a last minute project. After the experiences of the pandemic, we urge you to contact potential vendors earlier than you may think necessary to make room for any unexpected incidents.

Uncertainty looms for in-person workplaces, but operations centers are here to stay

Even as many return to work at the office, there is a new emergence of remote work. Many companies are shifting to a hybrid model allowing employees to work from home if they prefer. Despite what seems to be a cultural shift toward more work from home, however, the pandemic also proved the importance and staying power of having a physical operations center. The ability for operators to collaborate on real time information that is shared via a centralized video wall is still the most efficient and effective way to empower decision-makers. Even if much of  a company’s workforce is remote, having a centralized team in an operations center ensures the entire organization is protected.

Constant’s Operations Centers

Moments of crisis remind us how invaluable the multiple types of operations centers involved in emergency response can be. It’s important to keep operations centers up to date in order to provide efficient, reliable response. If your mission critical environment hasn’t been updated in several years, the technology may not be as reliable as it should be for round-the-clock use in a crisis situation– whether it’s another public health crisis, a potential security breach, or a public relations debacle.

Should your mission critical operations center be in need of a refresh, Constant is here to provide video wall integration, console furniture, project management, and service to ensure your center is best equipped to serve your organization. Contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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