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The Lifecycle of an AV Rack

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The AV racks working behind the scenes of an operations center are humble but mighty. Behind every video wall system, the true powerhouse of the operation is the AV racking running everything. Though they’re often tucked away in a separate room, the AV racks are an integral part of the system that brings your critical data to life. Because of this, Constant takes great care throughout each stage to make sure this important piece of the puzzle is running optimally.

Stage 1: AV rack design

An AV rack houses all of the most vital components of your video wall system: processors, switchers, receivers, power supply. Each of these elements serves an important function. At Constant Technologies, we take every step of your video wall system installation seriously. And that includes the AV equipment rack.

Like with every other element of our projects, we are conscientious about the cables we select for your installation. We take great care in selecting the best cables and adapters to ensure signal compatibility, ease of cable dressing, and signal conversion. When creating your video wall system, Constant Technologies chooses from among the best technologies on the market to create an AV rack perfectly optimized to suit your needs.

Racks are also meticulously designed for proper airflow, ventilation, and equipment spacing to prevent devices from overheating. We plan out the physical rack locations and the location of equipment within racks, giving consideration to signal compatibility and other technical factors.

Stage 2: Testing at Constant Tech Facilities

After all of the components  of your audio/visual rack have been selected, Constant’s technicians assemble and test them at our facility prior to installation at your site.This way, we can ensure that every element works as expected before moving on to the installation.

Stage 3: On-site installation

Once we’ve determined that everything functions properly, it’s on to the next stage: installation. Our on-site installation is always conducted by highly-trained AV professionals. The same painstaking care is taken when assembling at your facility as is given to selecting and testing the elements of your AV racks. Constant’s installation team meticulously organizes and labels the cabling on your AV rack. Our well-dressed equipment racks keep your workspace organized and running well, and serve as another example of the attention to detail Constant gives to each step of an operations center project.

Stage 4: Service & support

Even after installation is complete, Constant continues to support the proper functioning of your operations center and AV rack. We offer multiple tiers of service and support, including on-site service of your AV rack if necessary. When you choose Constant, you choose a long-term partner who will support you every step of the way.

To learn more about Constant’s services, including the video wall systems powered by these AV racks, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+ years of experience, we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.