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The AV/IT Convergence and Mission Critical Design

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In plain terms, the AV/IT convergence refers to the fact that audio/visual components are no longer simply used as standalone devices — now, they are often connected to the internet or to one another. These devices are becoming increasingly “net-centric” and connected to the IOT (Internet of Things). Going forward, AV/IT convergence is becoming more and more prevalent in AV systems.

So what does that mean for the AV design of your mission critical space?

Multi-site capabilities

AV equipment connected to the IT network increases capabilities for remote management, remote access, and remote collaboration. One of the biggest benefits of AV/IT convergence is the ability to collaborate in real-time not only with other operators in the room, but with other locations as well. Many organizations will have multiple facilities working in tandem to monitor and act upon the same data.

AV and IT convergence allows for increased productivity and collaboration across multiple sites. When it comes to designing these systems in multiple locations, consistency is key. Whether it’s London, New York, Singapore, or anywhere else in the world, these installations should have similar technology that can enable them to work together. In addition, if someone goes from one facility to the next, the technology should be familiar.

As with all mission critical operations centers, these multi-site installations should be designed carefully. Sharing information from one space to the next should be seamless and secure.

Integration support for more IoT devices

With the AV/IT convergence, our AV systems can now support more devices as assets.With IoT devices being part of the IT infrastructure alongside the AV systems, they can communicate with one another and produce a greater range of content displayed on an operations center video wall.

For example, consider something like a surveillance system: years ago, a great deal of hardware would have been required to get those signals to and from the AV system. Now, however, the surveillance systems are on the network, and the AV systems can pick them up as streams without requiring any additional hardware to make that happen.

This streamlined integration of IoT devices means that you can display a wider variety of sources with less back-end work required.

Expertise matters

The AV landscape is fast-changing. With the convergence of AV and IT, effective solutions become even more complex.

A video wall in mission critical is already a complex project: the technology needs to be resilient, able to run 24/7 with no downtime. In other video wall applications such as hotels or office lobbies, interruption in audiovisual capabilities might be an inconvenience, but ultimately would not cause a significant interruption of services. But for a mission critical environment, the video wall provides crucial monitoring. To integrate the specific needs of mission critical operations centers into the video wall system as well as the additional capabilities of the AV/IT convergence requires expertise.

Vendor agnostic systems design

A video wall system that combines mission critical capabilities with converged AV/IT is best created by mixing and matching a variety of components that each optimize your installation’s purpose. An expert integrator who sources from a number of product vendors instead of sticking to just one allows your video wall to have flexibility and longevity.

Why Choose Constant for Mission Critical?

Working with a video wall expert is absolutely key to having a successful AV/IT installation if you’re focused on mission critical.

When choosing an integrator for your command and control center, past performance is an absolute must. At Constant, our client list speaks for itself. Our work with firms like Aetna, CVS, Akamai Technologies, Carnival Cruise, Lockheed Martin, and more as well as with government agencies such as the Department of Defense, United States Coast Guard and Air Force proves that we are trusted with the most sensitive environments.

There are a lot of audiovisual integrators out there, and many of them have dipped their toes into the mission critical world. However, specializing exclusively in the field of mission critical is something that no one else does. With over 30 years in business, we offer a wealth of experience as well as custom design services and long-term service contracts to ensure that your mission critical space is the best that it can be.

Ready to install a video wall in your command and control center? Contact us today to get started.

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Constant Technologies, Inc. provides AV integration for 24/7 video walls and custom operation center furniture. With 30+ years of experience, we can work with sensitive environments in the public and private sectors. Constant designs and installs projects of all scopes and sizes around the world. We also offer long-term service and support. We create solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality in mind.