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Preparing for Major Cyber Events

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Basic cybersecurity training prepares you for the “normal” problems that you can expect to encounter. While that’s important, it’s also key to realize that “abnormal” cyber events still can – and do– happen. Major global events like Solarwinds in 2020 or Dec. 2021’s log4j vulnerability show that unpredictable cyber events can and do happen on a global scale, and the results can be devastating to processes.

In fact, major cyber events, even those on a scale formerly thought to be impossible, are increasingly likely. The scale of cyber compromises continues to grow, meaning the impact of events is both bigger and broader. Even highly competent organizations can be compromised. Homogenization of resources also contributes to vulnerability: when everyone is using the same resources, a problem with those resources will affect a large number of people in exactly the same way.

So how can you protect your organization from a major cyber event? Practice skills in disaster preparedness and risk management.

Disaster preparedness and risk management for major cyber events

In a natural disaster, the day-to-day basics of safety don’t cut it. When it comes to a cyber disaster, the concept is much the same: the everyday risks your organization faces are much different than the problems a more unusual event like a global compromise can cause.

Managing the risk of a potential global cyber event ultimately comes down to identifying potential failure points and planning your responses.

For low-probability events like major global cyber incidents, you may not be able to predict what will happen or how to deal with it beforehand. So instead you prepare to deal with adverse effects that could be caused by the next large-scale incident. Don’t try to predict what will happen, but instead, predict what could be hurt by various events and how you can mitigate the effects. Consider what you will do if your website shuts down for a period, your files are inaccessible for a few weeks, or resources you rely on are out of commission. Focusing on failure modes will prepare you for the unexpected.

When the “impossible” becomes “possible,” we fall back upon our training. Therefore it’s vitally important to have strong training in disaster preparedness and risk management for the cyber landscape.

Cyber operations centers for dealing with the next big cyber event

We may not know what the next major cyber incident will be or how it will affect us, but we can prepare ourselves with the best tools, training, and processes possible. Establishing a cyber operations center is key to creating operational resiliency in the face of potential uncertainty.

A cyber operations center helps you build resilience. It combines the tools you have into one place and adds the expert guidance of operators so you can implement strategic cyber security actions. Catching cyber incidents and their downstream effects as quickly as possible is vital to reducing their impact. Staffing an operations center 24/7 is an effective way to ensure your organization has protection around the clock.

Cyber security is not something that you can accomplish and be done with. Threats are ever-evolving; your cyber security tools should be evolving right alongside them. Managing cyber threats and their potential impacts is a continuous, long-term process. It’s important to find long-term partners who can guarantee your success. For the creation of your operations center, that partner is Constant.

Working with Constant on your cyber operations center

With innovative video wall systems, console furniture, and programming solutions by Constant Technologies, you can stay one step ahead of the next global cyber event. We will work with you as a partner through every step of creating your cyber security center, from the initial design process all the way through post-installation service and support.

To learn more about our operations center solutions and to receive a free design and budget consultation, contact us today.

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