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Monitoring Through a Remote Operations Center (ROC)

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As your operations expand, the need for command centers that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year only continues to grow. These spaces need reliable technology and durable installations to ensure they live up to the rigors of round-the-clock use. Constant Technologies specializes in 24/7 video wall integration and custom operation center consoles to outfit your most critical spaces.

One type of operations center used in a variety of industries is the Remote Operations Center (ROC). Applicable to trades such as scientific research, solar power, wind, facilities maintenance, and a number of utilities, remote operations centers provide constant, real-time monitoring of numerous locations through one central hub. In a remote operations command center, operators can monitor and control various aspects of an operation in multiple locations across the globe, all in real-time on a command center video wall installation.

The ability to remotely track, assess, and resolve issues with commands from a central location allows for the optimization of operations. Investing in remote operations center space design can help your organization maximize efficiency with minimal necessary infrastructure and better manage the efforts of your team. One of the major benefits of an ROC installation is the center’s role in mitigating risk through real-time fault reporting and incident prevention. By monitoring information displayed on a data wall installation, operators in a remote operations center can receive alerts about any number of their organization’s sites, dispatch crews to fix issues that arise, and monitor weather activity such as impending storms to anticipate the effect on operations. In a mission critical operation, every moment is important’ ROCs facilitate swift response and decreased downtime.

With the right ROC design, your crew can engage in real-time collaboration across sites, sharing critical information through quick data transfer and real-time discussion. In the event of an incident alert or system alarm, operators in a remote operations center can diagnose and analyze the issue, identify the cause of the alarm from their remote location, and, if necessary, dispatch crew and assist with resolution of the issue through efficient methods of communication.

The collaboration facilitated by remote operations center technology is suitable to a number of applications, including international scientific research. For example, remote operations centers in the US allow American physicists to take part in and monitor the Large Hadron Collider experiment at CERN. Despite the physical distance, scientists from across the world can engage in rapid data transfer and real-time discussion to support the research in Geneva. This allows for constant operation of the experiment and international scientific collaboration.

If your organization is planning to mitigate risk and increase operational efficiency through the use of an ROC, Constant can assist in your remote operations command center design. Our skilled engineers and designers will produce architectural drawings, map out mission critical AV integration, and provide control room consoles. With experience over hundreds of completed projects across the globe, our team provides turn-key service with the expert design and installation of operations center furniture and video wall integration. Contact us today for a free design consultation.


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About Constant:

Constant Technologies, Inc. is a premier mission critical  systems integrator providing customized audio visual and video wall integration and custom technology furniture and console furniture solutions across the globe. With over 3 decades of experience, Constant’s seasoned team has access to and experience with sensitive environments in both the private and public sectors, such as Cyber Defense and Homeland Security. Constant designs, installs and services projects of all scopes to create operations center furniture and video wall solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics and functionality. Our team works within a range of environments such as Network Operations Centers (NOC), Security Operations Centers (SOC), Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOC), Emergency Operations Centers (EOC), Unified Command Centers (UCC), Remote Operations Centers (ROC), Fleet Operations Centers, and other mission critical spaces. As systems integrators, we pick and choose from the best technologies to create a custom operations center video wall and control room furniture installation that fits the needs of your operation.


January 18, 2018