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LED/LCD Video Wall Infographic

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The display technology you choose for your video wall is a key element of operations center functionality.

Operators and analysts within a control room environment are responsible for monitoring and interpreting a constant stream of information. The display technology used must be intuitive, easy to operate, and ready to stand up to 24/7/365 use.

The demands of a mission critical environment require unique solutions – not every video wall solution will work for operations center installations. In the crowded world of audio/visual technologies, finding the right solution can feel overwhelming with so many options and capabilities to consider. Working with an experienced integrator ensures you have expert guidance through the entire process.

Constant can help you navigate the crowded sea of video-wall options. With over 3 decades of experience exclusively in the operations center sector, we understand both the rigorous requirements and the available solutions.

Our complete portfolio of high-quality LCD and LED video wall installations encompasses all variety of sizes and technologies. Our niche is mission critical environments which demand top tier reliability when considering product selection.

We work in a variety of markets, each with unique solutions. The infographic above breaks down details about the differences between LED and LCD. While one type of video wall is not better than the other, one may be a better fit for your mission critical installation. We can help you decide which works best for you.

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LED and LCD Infographic