Command and Control Centers

command center with video wall and operations center consoles

24/7 Operations Centers are unique and demanding environments. These rooms are often the nerve center of an organization, and critical decisions are made based on a continuous flow of data from multiple sources. Command center consoles utilize equipment that is as resilient and reliable as possible to maintain optimal performance 24 hours a day. Constant Technologies has decades of experience with mission critical operations center design, integrating console furniture, command center workstations and audio/visual systems into world class mission control centers. With thousands of global installations, we provide our clients with innovative turnkey solutions that enable collaboration, increase productivity and withstand the rigors of a real time operations center environment.

Free Design and Budget Consultation

Operations Center Technology:

Our audio/visual systems are the focal point of your control room. Mission critical video wall technology allows your engineers to make informed decisions. In some cases, a wide variety of sources must be available to be viewed on the video wall; Constant’s intuitive control systems give your staff an easy to operate interface to rapidly view the sources they need to monitor.

Command Center Furniture:

We offer console furniture and workstations and can help you to determine the layout that will maximize your work flow. Our skilled installation team ensures that your command center is seamlessly implemented. Constant’s experienced team can help you to create the ideal operations center. Contact us today to begin reviewing options for your new command center.


We bring all aspects of your operational space into consideration including console layouts, video wall placement and sight lines, acoustics, workflow and more. Our experts help you analyze your needs and create the ideal command center layout.


Our project managers have the knowledge and skills to execute projects of any size, on schedule and within budget. We assure that the installation moves smoothly from the planning phase through to room completion of your new control room.


Constant offers a variety of solutions for your operations center including display wall technology, video wall processors, source routing and control as well as audio and video conferencing integration. Our a/v solutions are engineered for 24/7, mission critical control room environments.


Constant Technologies provides command and control room furniture including ergonomic consoles and workstations as well as conference and situation room tables. In addition, we understand the importance of operator comfort and safety. Our furniture solutions combine the aesthetics and durability necessary for your global operations center.


Operations centers must maintain the highest levels of performance, reliability and security. To achieve this, Constant Technologies integrates customized, innovative solutions that have a record of superior dependability.


The Constant team takes great care in the integration of our ops center solutions. After the installation is complete, we remain close at hand for additional support whenever you need it. Our skilled technicians and system engineers are here for you to offer mission critical support.