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How to Know When to Update Your Operations Center

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Periodic renewal is important. And nowhere is it more important than in mission critical spaces, where vital operations rely on everything running 24/7.

There is no hard and fast rule for when you need to update your operations center, but there are a few key indicators that can help you determine when it’s time for a refresh.

1.How long since the last update

The average refresh rate for an operations center is 5-7 years. Because these spaces provide critical functions, it’s important that the technology is up-to-date and running well. Audio/visual technology changes quickly, and it’s important that mission critical spaces don’t fall behind. If it’s been more than 5 years since your last update, it’s worth taking stock of your current setup and assessing whether it’s time for a technology refresh.

2. Processor operating systems

Consider what operating system your processor runs on and whether it’s still supported. For example, if your processor still runs on Windows 7, it may be time to update: Microsoft ceased operating system support for Windows 7 in January of 2020.

3. Power considerations and green initiatives

Typically, the older a technology, the more power it uses to run. There are a number of reasons to decrease energy consumption, whether it be rising energy costs or new green initiatives. Newer audiovisual technologies tend to use power more efficiently, which is especially vital in the 24/7 environment of operations centers. Investing in new technologies can help reduce your power usage in the long run, allowing you to reach the goals of both your budget and green initiatives.

4. Video wall brightness

In older command center installations, display technology lacked the brightness of modern technology, so the lighting in the space also needed to be dim to allow operators proper viewing of the video wall. Current video walls are brighter than ever before. The display can be viewed easily even in fully lit rooms, eliminating the need for task lighting at individual operator stations. If you find that you need to dim the lights in your operations center in order to properly view the video wall, it is time to update your display technology.

5. Furniture console size

As technology changes, so does the furniture that accommodates it. Constant used to provide triple tier operations center consoles that housed bulky CRT monitors and large desktop chassis PCs. But as technology was able to scale down in size, so was our furniture. If your command center consoles feel too large for your operation, it might be time to upgrade. Modernizing technology furniture allows operators to make better use of available floor space. This could potentially even increase the capacity of operators within the same square foot area.

Whether it’s your technology, your furniture, or both that need an upgrade, Constant is here to help.

Begin Planning Today

It is never too early to begin planning an update for your current operations center space. In fact, it’s a good idea to start looking at options for a refresh before the components of the room reach “end of life.” In addition to turnkey installation and integration, Constant offers services to assist you in planning your operations center refresh.

If your space fits any of the criteria above, contact us today for your free design and budget consultation.

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