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How Physical and Cyber Security Can Work Together

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Traditionally, network and physical security have operated in separate silos. However, there is a lot of room for overlap between the various divisions of enterprise security. Combining efforts provides comprehensive benefits.

To fully protect your organization, all types of security programs need to work together to protect your data, assets, and people. Physical, personnel, operations, and information security all perform best when intel is shared. No matter the department, the common factor is risk. Cyber security operators and physical security operators both work to manage threats, and when they collaborate a more complete picture of the threats can be assessed and acted upon.

The convergence of physical and cyber security

Enterprise technology has continued to evolve, requiring more sophisticated and collaborative security solutions. Moreover, the way that organizations monitor physical security has evolved as well.

For example, there are physical systems for security protection such as CCTV cameras and access control systems that are run over enterprise networks that must be protected. If a breach occurs in the network, then a physical foothold could be gained.

Similarly, physical security can help monitor potential threats to the health of an organization’s cyber system. For example, if employees are receiving USB drives loaded with malware, physical security operations can work in tandem to find out where they are coming from.

Collaboration among various departments is common on insider threat committees, where physical security, cyber security, human resources, finance, and legal departments join forces to prevent internally caused critical events.

Ultimately, both networks and physical facilities can face common security risks. All security leaders are tasked with protecting the people, information, and assets of the organization. Protection works best when security is tackled together, rather than in silos.

Constant command centers

No matter how you plan to join the efforts of your cyber security and physical security teams, Constant can help create the space that best fits your operations. Whether you have separate cyber centers and SOCs that need to communicate and share data or plan to create a new operations center that merges the two, you need an operations center space that facilitates this collaboration.

Security is a comprehensive system that needs monitoring both physically and through the network. Since collaboration is crucial, the design of your operations center needs to reflect that.

One of the key ways to share data is through the video wall for the operations center. Real-time data displayed on a large video wall allows operators within the space to share pertinent information efficiently.  A large-scale video wall system displays important data simultaneously to everyone in the room. With one wall managing and displaying various sources, information can quickly be aggregated, analyzed, and shared so that vital decisions can be made. Additionally, if the facility features adjacent conference rooms or huddle spaces, the display technology in those spaces can be linked with the main video wall so that sources can be shared and utilized in the event of an incident. Custom AV integration ensures that your operations center technology is optimized for collaboration between your mission critical teams.

The operations center furniture can also play an important role in enabling collaboration across departments. Seating arranged in open pods can group operators together and allow them to join forces on particular issues by streamlining communication. Our custom console workstations can be installed in tri- and quad configurations to optimize the collaborative layout of your mission critical space.

To see examples of the collaborative and mission critical spaces we have created, take a look at our gallery.

If you are ready to take the next step in implementing your operations center, contact us today.

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