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Green Initiatives in Operations Centers

Constant Technologies

Preservation of the environment is becoming a factor in the development of command and control centers.

There are a rapidly increasing number of buildings receiving designations from the U.S. Green Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and this has an important impact on the operations centers within these buildings.

Constant Technologies has experience with the many factors involved in LEED Certification. We can help you achieve your environmental goals while also maintaining the highest levels of functionality and aesthetics. Constant is also familiar with the importance of the documentation process and can work with our vendors to track materials and products used from source to completion.

Constant collaborates closely with companies like Planar who are working diligently to replace lamps containing mercury with LED illumination technologies to maintain the high performance our customers expect while decreasing the impact to our environment. We offer console and technology furniture that contains products made from recycled materials and low VOC laminates, with 100% recyclable slatwall.

If environmental initiatives are an important element of your upcoming project, please call us today to find out how we can assist.

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Constant Technologies

September 23, 2014