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Global Operations Centers

Constant Technologies

Advances in technology over the past decade have created a true global business community.

Real-time audio/visual communication allows for collaboration across borders and time zones that was not previously possible. Most companies now operate in a global capacity and critical operations centers must adapt.

Integration of a global operations center strategy can be challenging. Managing an international project comes with a variety of unique requirements such as navigating freight logistics and coordinating overseas labor. Proper country-specific documentation is critical and mistakes can be extremely disruptive to a project schedule. To ensure project success, you need to bring together a team with specialized international experience.

Constant Technologies can handle projects of any scope, on time and within budget. Thanks to project management processes and techniques perfected over hundreds of installations, we can help you set practical, achievable goals for your operations center implementation. We have built command centers throughout the world and understand the importance of detailed planning and documentation.

Constant’s project managers, designers, engineers and technicians know what it takes to ensure a successful installation of your international ops center. To kick off the project, we first meet with your team to discuss the goals and necessary functionality of your operations center. From there, our team carefully analyzes all aspects of the project helping to determine the
best operator configuration and visualization system options.

Once we have developed a layout and audio/visual display system that fits all of your requirements, we start the implementation process. Consoles are manufactured and staged and audio/visual components are racked and tested. Freight logistics and documentation are prepared specific to the country and region of the operations center. Our skilled team will be onsite for the installation and will work with local labor when necessary.

Throughout the entire process, we work side by side with your facilities department, architects and general contractors. We help you to make sure the whole installation moves smoothly and on schedule from concept through completion and the start of operations.

Our global reach enables clients to implement command and control solutions with simplified coordination and single source accountability, creating consistency throughout your global operations. We design your centers so that personnel can walk into any of your regional operations anywhere on the globe and be immediately familiar with the command and control functionality.

We have assisted clients in developing a “follow the sun” operations model for their
command center environments. Our
service and support of your installations keep your GOC functioning at the highest level of performance and reliability.

Constant can assist with a variety of global operations centers:

  • Global Network Operations Centers (GNOC)
  • Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC)
  • Cyber Security Operations Centers (CSOC)
  • Global Fusion Centers

Constant integrates customized
display wall solutions and technology furniture to meet your unique needs and specifications. Our dedicated team has the expertise to guide you through your global command and control room projects to help you get the most out of your operations.

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March 23, 2015