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Constant Technologies Programmers Earn EAP Certification

Constant Technologies

Constant Technologies programmers were included in a select group of audio/visual integrators to take part in introductory classes for their soon to be released Extron Authorized Programmer training program. The Extron Authorized Programmer certification facilitates programming Extron Pro Series control systems. The EAP certification program focuses on best practices for designing control system programs and ensuring optimal system performance, troubleshooting techniques. The course also provides instruction on identifying the appropriate systems for configured and programmed control systems.

“EAP certification gives programmers at Constant Technologies a powerful tool for creating custom control systems for both small and large projects,” said Ben Watkins, Vice President at Constant. “The flexible programming platform and diverse offering of control interfaces is a natural fit for our quickly evolving industry. Being at the leading edge of Extron’s growing control ecosystem allows us to tap new markets and expand existing ones.”

As a Certified Extron Authorized Programmer, Constant’s programmers will have access to all the benefits of Global Scripter™, which is Extron’s powerful and versatile control system programming software. This feature-rich integrated development environment is used to program Extron Pro Series control systems, and utilizes the easy-to-learn Python scripting language. Global Scripter includes an Extron-exclusive Python library – ControlScript™, that is designed to increase the productivity of AV programmers through incorporating functions used in AV control system projects, as well as helpful documentation, reference material, and sample code. Extron built Global Scripter and the ControlScript Python libraries with programmers in mind. Working together, these components make it easier than ever to develop refined and innovative AV systems.

“With Extron’s introduction of a Python based development environment, we now have access to a third control system product line that is viable for use in our customers’ systems”, says Erik Meyer, Senior Programmer at Constant Technologies. “Because the new programming platform is based in an object oriented language, we will have another solution that is both scalable and able to be highly customized to the client’s precise needs. Having the new ability to rapidly develop ‘drivers’ in house for whatever solution we require makes the Extron IPCP Pro product line a real contender to meet our clients’ control systems requirements.”

The EAP training experience is a great example of Constant’s strong relationship with Extron. “As Constant deals primarily in mission critical 24/7 environments, we choose to work with partners like Extron that are innovative while also focused on high reliability of their products,” said Stephen Sullivan, CTO at Constant. “We were excited to be selected to assist with the new EAP training and look forward to using this new programming platform in future command and control room integrations.”

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About Constant:

Constant Technologies Inc. is a premier design build integrator providing customized audio-visual integration, technology and custom furniture solutions worldwide. With over 30 years’ experience, its seasoned team has access and experience with sensitive environments, such as Cyber Defense and Homeland Security, as well as private sector spaces. Constant creates solutions with the highest levels of security, aesthetics, functionality and supportability in mind.


May 19, 2016