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6 Factors to Review when Selecting a Mission Critical Video Wall

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Many video walls are simply designed to catch a viewer’s attention and deliver a quick message. In mission critical, however, the demands on display technology are much more complex. Video walls are the focal point of an operations center, allowing operators to collaborate on real-time data to make informed decisions. Designing and installing a 24/7 video wall takes a lot of care and precision. Of all the display technologies available, only a few are robust enough for continual use in a mission critical environment.

When you design your video wall system with Constant, there are a number of factors that we take under review when selecting the perfect technology for your application.

1. Image quality

Video walls in an operations center share vital information with all operators in the space. Because of this, it’s imperative that the data displayed is clearly visible.

Operations center video walls are responsible for sharing vital information with all operators in the space. The data displayed on a video wall should be clearly visible. Color, contrast, and brightness will all directly affect the legibility of the information on the display.

Video wall data needs to be clearly visible to all operators in mission critical spaces at any given moment, and not all displays are necessarily up to that task. Are the brightness and color consistent across the entire wall? Is the balance of color, contrast, and brightness internally consistent? Can it be relied upon to remain consistent over several years? An expert integrator like Constant can help you choose a display with the right image quality.

2. Content

The content you plan to display on your video wall plays a key role in the type of display technology you should choose. Your content choices, from videos to dashboards to text, all contribute to decisions about the ideal size and viewing distance of the video wall installation as well as requirements for the resolution and pixel pitch of the displays.

Establishing your planned content is also important as it will affect other technology in your video wall system such as your display wall processor and control system. Communicating your content needs clearly to your integrator ensures that you will have the right technology installed in your space.

3. Ergonomics

Mission critical operations centers often require long shifts, and it’s important to make sure your video wall does not place any undue stress on your operators. One consideration is legibility. Information on the video wall should be displayed in such a way that operators do not need to strain to see it. A combination of pixel pitch and resolution determines technology choices for legibility, while a sight line analysis helps determine ideal ergonomic placement to reduce strain on the head and neck.

4.  Reliability

For mission critical operations, downtime is simply not an option. In these environments, video walls need to run continually, meaning the reliability of that technology is paramount. From critical events and financial crises to bad publicity, even the briefest of video wall failures could lead to devastating issues. These spaces require video walls designed for 24/7 use, with integration that accounts for redundancies as well as a design that allows for quick and easy servicing. Constant also offers long-term service plans to ensure your technology is always in peak operating condition.

5. Expected lifespan

A video wall is a significant investment that should last for several years, even under the demanding conditions of a 24/7 mission critical application. As an integrator with exclusive expertise in this field, Constant will help you select technology that is designed to last in a round-the-clock space, ensuring the protection of your investment. Our service agreements also offer a commitment to maintenance to ensure your display wall runs smoothly for the extent of its lifetime.

6. Total cost of ownership

When creating a budget for your video wall, consider not only the initial cost of purchase and installation but also all other associated costs. The analysis of your total cost of ownership should include operating costs driven by factors such as cooling requirements, power consumption, and potential service costs.

Despite operating costs, the video wall technology created for mission critical is built to a different standard than consumer displays, meaning that ultimately your investment is more secure.

Selecting a mission critical video wall with Constant

Working with an industry expert is key to a successful video wall integration in mission critical applications. Constant’s client list speaks for itself. We have worked with firms including CVSHealth, Akamai Technologies, Carnival Cruise, Facebook, Lockheed Martin, and more as well as with government agencies such as the Department of Defense, United States Coast Guard and Air Force  in sensitive, 24/7 environments.

With a project as important as a mission critical operations center, you need an integrator you can trust to help you make the right choices in your video wall. Constant has a depth of knowledge unmatched in the industry, with over 30 years in mission critical. We offer a wealth of experience as well as custom design services and long-term service contracts, and we are dedicated to ensuring your mission critical space operates at peak performance.

If you are ready to begin selecting a mission critical video wall, contact us today for a free design and budget consultation.

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