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Visualizing Constant Technologies’ command and control center solutions

Constant Technologies Explainer Video

What is Constant Technologies? How do we help customize mission-critical spaces? This video walks you through the process of collaborating with us on video wall integration, console furniture, or a full turnkey solution within your operations center environment.

Winston-Salem Police Department’s RTCC

Step into Winston-Salem Police Department’s innovative Real-Time Crime Center (RTCC) and see how this state-of-the-art command center utilizes advanced technologies to improve public safety. From the seamless integration of a centralized video wall system to ergonomic technology furniture, take a look at how this RTCC strengthens community safety in real time.

Time Lapse: GSOC Installation in DFW

Constant installed a Global Security Operations Center in the DFW area. Five major benefits of a GSOC include:

  • Keeping ahead of potential threats
  • Inspiring confidence with stakeholders
  • Consistent situational awareness
  • Unified operations over a large geographic area
  • 24/7 protection that spans the entire organization

Made in America: Constant’s Operations Center Consoles

“Made in the USA” is not just a label; it reflects a commitment to both our customers and our country. Take a look inside our console production facility in Elkhart, Indiana and learn more about how we make our operations center consoles.

GSOC for a Top Pharmaceutical Company

Constant designed and implemented a GSOC for a top pharmaceutical company in the greater Boston area. As a global leader in their field, our client needed a way to offer support, communication, and incident escalation across the entire enterprise.

Mission-Critical Video Applications

The rigors of 24/7 operations require specialized expertise. Choosing a mission-critical AV partner with decades of command and control center experience ensures uninterrupted functionality.

Lee County Real-Time Intelligence Center

Experience the cutting-edge Real-Time Intelligence Center (RTIC) at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, where advanced technologies improve public safety. Discover the integrated video wall system and ergonomic tech furniture that strengthen community safety in real time.

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